Almost every year, a story about time travel is published in papers or popular media outlets, mainly because it is a very fascinating topic that sparks a lot of controversy. Scientists claim that humans can travel to the future, but only on a one-way ticket. Traveling to the past is considered wildly difficult or absolutely impossible. Regardless of what scientists say, people continue their time travel stories. While the majority are just that – stories, others are intriguing. Here, we share some time travel stories that we found a bit spooky.

1. The Hipster in the 1940s Photograph

The hipster time traveler became an internet sensation in 2010 when a 1940s photograph with one of the people dressed in modern clothing went viral. Everyone in that picture is dressed in a suit and tie, which was the preferred clothing of that time.

However, a guy wearing a hipster outfit with sunglasses can also be spotted in the black-and-white image. Most people who saw it thought of the person of interest as a potential time traveler. The picture was taken in 1941 during the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in Canada.

2. Andrew Basiago and William Stillings Encounter with a Young Barrack Obama

While working for DARPA on the Pegasus project, two chrononauts, Andrew Basiago, and William Stillings, claimed to have been recruited to travel to Mars through time travel. The two men disclosed this information in 2011, the most mysterious part being the claim that they worked with a young Barrack Obama. This project ran from the 1970s and 1980s.

3. Victor Goddard’s Time Slip While Flying

Victor Goddard was an Air Force commander in Scotland. In a book he wrote in the 1970s, Victor claims to have experienced a time slip while flying. According to Victor, the first time he flew over the RAF station Drem, he saw it in its decommissioned and abandoned state.

When flying back over the same station, he was hit by a heavy storm, and the facility appeared to be fully functional, with planes and engineers moving around. Another storm came, which he navigated, but as soon as he was done, he noticed the station returned to its previous state.

4. The Legend of the Chronovisor

The Chronovisor is a device built by a Benedictine Monk called Fr Pellegrino Ernetti. According to a book published by a Vatican Priest, Fr. Francois Brune, this device could see through time. Fr Francois claimed that the Chronovisor was used to document the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and other notable events. However, although it is rumored to be hidden somewhere in the Vatican, there are no public records of its existence.

5. The Story of Rudolph Fentz

In the 1950s, there was a story of a man who appeared out of nowhere in Times Square. Witnesses claim that he seemed out of place and was eventually knocked down by a car. In his pockets, the authorities found money dating back to the 1800s and were able to identify his name. When they looked for his family, they found one, Mrs. Rudolph, who was married to the son of the assumed dead man. The son claimed his father had disappeared in 1876 and was never found.

6. John Titor from 2036

As internet forums became popular in the 1990s, a particular user named “Timetravel_0” (he later changed it to John Titor) claimed to be from 2036. He made several predictions, including canceling the 2004 Olympics and that people would spend more time reading than talking. Of course, these predictions never came true. John disappeared in 2001.

7. Hakan Nordkvist Met a Future Version of Himself

In 2006, Hakan entered his apartment and found his house flooded, so he crawled under his kitchen counter to fix the leak. In a surprising turn of events, he maneuvered to the end of a tunnel and discovered he had been sent to 2042, where he met the future version of himself. Hakan and his future self had similar tattoos, and he knew everything about him.

8. The Man from Taured

The story of the man from Taured is an alleged time travel incident that occurred in July 1954 at Haneda Airport, modern Tokyo International Airport. A Caucasian male landed at the airport and started speaking many languages, including Japanese.

There are multiple versions of this story. The first one narrates how, when asked for his passport, the authorities observed that he came from a country called Taured. In another account, the man was asked which country he came from and showed them his passport. No one knew where Taured was, and the man was unwilling to tell. He was arrested, but he disappeared while he was locked in a hotel room.

9. The Picture from Year 5000

A man named Edward popped up in 2018 with a photograph of what he claimed Los Angeles, California, would look like in the year 5000. The man said he was sent to the future in a secret project launched in 2004. He also claimed that the earth will be flooded in the future, and cities will be built underneath the water.

10. Real Life Stranger Things

Nichols and Peter Moon wrote a book called “The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time.” This book might have inspired the popular Netflix show Stranger Things because it narrates how the writers were part of an experiment on kids with psychic powers and would open doors to other times. It also touches on the story of Al Bielek, who was part of the Philadelphia Experiment in the 1940s. Many believed a USS battleship traveled through time.

11. Charlotte and Eleanor’s Glimpse of the Past

Eleanor Jourdain and Charlotte Anne Moberly visited the Palace of Versailles in 1901 and had an extraordinary experience. The two claimed to have seen people dressed in 1700s clothing. They also spotted non-existent buildings. One of the ladies even claimed to have seen Marie Antoinette drawing something on the floor. The two ladies were so thrilled with their brush with the past that they wrote a book called An Adventure. It is believed that the two ladies suffered from a similar delusion.

12. Mobile Phone (an iPhone) in 1943

A picture taken in 1943 shows a group of people enjoying their holiday in Towan Beach. More intriguingly, there is a man who appears to be using a mobile device. This picture has been doing rounds on Twitter, or as it is known today, X, for many years. It was first uploaded by Stuart Humphryes, a multimedia personality, and later shared by renowned publications such as The Daily Mirro and Fox News.

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Last Update: May 16, 2024