For centuries, gamblers have known casino games to tilt in favor of the house. It’s how the famous saying “The house always wins” was invented. Back then, leaving the house with millions of profit in your pocket was rare unless you were one of the high-rollers who wager millions. 

However, online gambling has changed the narrative. The advantages of online casinos go on and on, from the availability of attractive bonuses to access to online social games that don’t require playing with money. It has also influenced some of the highest payout online casino Canada has ever experienced.

Kevin N. Cochran, a guest author of this post, believes that the probability of winning a jackpot is not far-fetched. While it depends on luck, many players have struck that luck by playing online games. If you’re still skeptical about online wins, this article will discuss the five highest online casino payouts in history.

Top 5 Highest Online Casino Payouts in the History of Gambling

It’s almost surreal to win millions when playing with so little, but it’s not impossible with online gambling. These are some of the highest online wins of all time:

The Finnish Player Who Won $24 Million With a 25-Cent Spin

This lucky winner, who had requested to be kept anonymous, has perhaps won the largest amount in the history of mankind in gambling. In 2013, the 40-years-old gambler played a game of Mega Fortune Slot online. He had unexpectedly struck a lucky spin that unveiled three free bonus rounds and used it in the best way possible. 

He played the three bonus rounds and won €17.8 million, worth over $24 million. This man had unbelievably won millions of dollars while he only played with 25 cents. While he isn’t the first and the last to win, it’s truly a remarkable win.

The Belgium Player That Rocked The Boat Of Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah

Right after the pandemic in 2021, a Belgian gambler visited an online casino to play Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah for fun. This unknown winner struck gold when they hit the jackpot on the Alice in Wonderland-themed slot game adaption by Triple Edge Studios. This win was worth $23.6 million and has ranked as one of the highest online casino payouts in history. 

The Belgian winner had requested to be kept anonymous for security reasons, but they’re proof that Mega Moolah is a high payout game that you should consider. Besides its exciting nature, this game also holds promises of substantial cashouts.

The Win That Caught the Attention of the Guinness Book of Record

This is another win from Mega Moolah. This time, this winner went home with $23.5 million from less than 50 spins worth 0.75 cents each. Incredible, right? On September 28, 2018, a lucky player visited the Grand Mondial Casino to play some rounds of online slots. He had allegedly wagered $0.75 on each spin, which is impressive considering it won him millions in return. 

The media report says he didn’t use 50 spins, meaning he didn’t even spend 37 cents. This unbelievable win knocked over the 2013 Finnish player and won its place as the highest jackpot winner in the Guinness Book of Record. Like most online winners, this player has also asked for anonymity to protect themselves against cybercriminals.

The Young Military Soldier Who Won $19.9 Million With a $0.25 Stake

In 2015, a young British military soldier known as Jonathan Heywood rocked the online gaming world when he won a Mega Moolah jackpot worth over 19 million dollars with a 25 cents stake. Heywood had played this wager at BetWay casino and didn’t expect a huge cashout. 

During an interview with the lucky soldier, John Heywood revealed that he would use the money to treat his sick father, which was an emotional moment for him, and the online gaming community.

The Norwegian Player Who Won $17.3 Million From Playing Arabian Knights

In 2011, a seasoned online gambler got lucky with an Arabian Knights online slot game in the Betsson Online Casino. This win was unexpected, as the Arabian Knights online slot isn’t known to give massive amounts of payouts. The Norwegian Player who struck out on gold had been dabbling with this slots game when he hit the jackpot. 

Although Arabian Knights offer entertainment and profits, it’s not available for gamblers in the UK. But you can access it in other countries without breaking any law. 

Final Notes

While these online casino payouts have proved that online casino games can win you millions, many people still lose from playing. You should ensure you know your onions when playing, including the necessary strategies to win, the gameplay, and the best casinos you can register. These factors, alongside luck, are a massive part of winning online casino games.

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