When we look at the modern casino industry and how the current online market is growing, it’s easy sometimes to forget how we got here and some of the events that have led up to the current state of things. There are many fascinating facts that we can look at that have shaped the modern casino and online casino industry we enjoy today. 

Gambling originated in Italy

It is said that modern gambling practices can be traced back to the ancient Romans. Gambling has been around even before the Vatican was formed in the 14th century. In those days, the Romans played a game that originated in Italy that is very similar to the modern-day game of Bingo which is enjoyed all across the world. In fact, many of the modern-day casino games can be traced back to the ancient Romans. 

British Casino Boom Started in London

Britain’s gambling history started off with what was then known as Bingo Houses. They could operate as members-only clubs, and the owners could only make money off the members’ fees. As regulations slowly became more relaxed, the Bingo Houses started using other forms of gambling. But the British Casino Boom started in London only after the first fully established casino was granted a licence. In 1962 the famous Clermont Club received the first casino license and drew in loads of celebrities, which led to the gambling boom in London. Today Londoners can explore real money slots online without the need to visit land-based casinos.

Slots First Appeared in 1887

One claim that lies with the Americans, however, is the invention of slot machines, when slots first appeared in 1887. Legend has it that the first slot machine was invented by Charles Fey, a pioneer from San Francisco, when he came up with a device called the Liberty Bell. The device features the familiar design we know and love today. It included three spinning reels and one payline and the payout system was fully automated.

Biggest Slot machine Win

Ever wondered who won the biggest slot machine win in the world? Well, the story of Cynthia Jay is worth telling. She was a cocktail waitress at the Desert Inn hotel-casino in Las Vegas and her night started out just as usual. She often played the Megabucks machines just before her shift this night. However, just as she was turning away from the machine, she decided to put the last $6 she had on her into the machine. On the last spin of the reel, she landed three Megabucks symbols and won a progressive jackpot of $39.4 million that was the talk of the town (and the world) as the jackpot had been building up for months. Needless to say, Cynthia never made it to her waitress shift on time that night. 

Slot Machines Must Pay 70% RTP

It’s a well-known fact that slot machines are programmed to pay out only a certain amount by the operators. There are, however, laws that protect the customers that state that slot machines must pay 70% RTP at the very least. With online casinos, however, these minimum return-to-player percentages are much higher, reaching as high as 85% by the gambling authority in Malta that oversees online video slot games. 

You Can Self-Exclude Yourself From a Casino

As with many land-based casinos, customers can get banned for many reasons, and customers can even ban themselves from casinos if they feel they have a gambling problem. It’s good to know the online industry has caught up to this, and it’s useful to know you can self-exclude yourself from a casino in the online world as well. 

“Craps” Comes from “Crabs”

The game of Craps is enjoyed by many and has its roots shrouded in mystery. Some say it came from the ancient Romans, whilst others say it originated from an Arabic dice game called Al Dar. What we do know, however, is that the word “Craps” comes from “Crabs” and was originally a mispronunciation of the word “crabs” by the underclass of Louisiana. “Crabs” was an aristocratic epithet for the numbers two and three, which, if rolled during the game, you “Crap out” or lose the game.

Casinos Are Illegal in Japan (however, there’s a loophole)

Gambling laws in Japan are quite strict, and today any form of gambling is illegal in Japan. If any game’s outcome is determined by luck, then in the eyes of Japanese lawmakers, it is considered gambling. That is why casinos are illegal in Japan; however, there is a loophole. Pachinko parlours aren’t authorised to give out cash, and playing the game for money is unlawful, but there is a workaround. Successful players can exchange their silver balls for “special prizes” at the parlour, which are typically modest items like sweets or cigarette lighters once they have amassed a particular amount of those silver balls.

Card Counting is Legal (And Get You Expelled)

Have you ever heard of card counting? It’s the act of keeping track of the remaining cards in the deck at a blackjack table so that you can calculate your odds on the next hand. This is an extremely difficult task to perform as there are multiple decks of cards in the dealer’s card shoe which he deals the cards from. But remarkably, some people have the ability, along with lots of practice, to keep a mental record of the cards that have been dealt to calculate what’s left in the dealers’ stack. Although card counting is legal, it can most surely get you thrown out of the casino and even get you blacklisted at certain casinos. 

Poker Can Be a Lucrative Side Hustle

If card counting isn’t for you, you can always try your hand at poker. Playing poker on the regular can quickly increase your skill at the game, and many take advantage of the fact that poker can be a lucrative hobby. It’s a well-known fact that many novice poker players can be very successful in creating a steady secondary income stream online when playing poker as a side hustle.

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Last Update: November 23, 2022