Tractors have revolutionized the agricultural sector; they help farmers plant, harvest, and process crops efficiently. The shift from animal-powered to tractor-based farming has also improved productivity, guaranteeing food security. Here, we look at some random, interesting facts about tractors to make your day.

1. Porsche Made Tractors from 1956 to 1963

In the modern world, when someone mentions Porsche, the first thing that comes to mind is supercars. However, before it got here, the company used to make tractors between 1956 and 1963. Interestingly, the German manufacturer was so good at the trade that it designed gasoline-powered tractors for coffee farmers who complained that the diesel-powered variations left an aftertaste on their products.

2. Lamborghini Started as a Tractor Company

Known for producing high-end sports cars and rockets, Lamborghini started as a tractor-manufacturing company. Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of Lamborghini Company, figured that Italy would need to revitalize its agricultural economy because of the effects of the World War. He then built a powerful yet affordable tractor to serve local farmers’ demands.

3. American Farmers are Hacking John Deere Tractors with Ukrainian Software

John Deere and other tractor companies have recently introduced a policy prohibiting “unauthorized” machinery repairs. American farmers are hacking these tractors with software from Ukraine to counter this new law.

4. Some Farmers Fill the Tires of Tractors with Water

For a long time, it has been a standard practice to fill tractor tires with water. Doing so increases the weight of the tires and gives the wheels better traction. However, this practice poses some safety concerns, especially for tractors driven at high speeds.

5. A Canadian Man in 2012 Flattened 8 Police Cars with a Tractor

In 2012, a Canadian man known as Roger Pion ran over eight police cars at a parking lot of the Vermont police station. Interestingly, Pion did this angrily because some police officers had arrested him and taken his marijuana. The police cars were severely damaged, leading to a loss of about $250,000.

6. The First Tank in New Zealand was Built from a Tractor

Also known as the Bob Semple tank, the first tank built in New Zealand was made from a tractor; it had sheet metals and guns attached to the side. The tank was used during World War II, where it helped New Zealand defend its boundaries from the Japanese.

7. The 1913 Case 30-60 is the Most Expensive Tractor in the World

Sold for $1.47 million, the 1913 Case 30-60 is the most expensive tractor in the world. It is an antique.

8. In Devon and Cornwall, the Local Police Have a Tractor to Curb Farm Theft

In the counties of Devon and Cornwall, the local police have a branded tractor that they use to deal with agricultural theft. The tractor is a John Deere 6630 equipped with police lights and sirens. It is primarily used to raise awareness against agricultural theft within these two counties.

9. In Sark, Only Tractors and Bicycles are Allowed on the Road

Sark, a southwestern English channel, does not allow cars to pass on its roads. They only allow tractors, bicycles, and horse-drawn vehicles. Tractors pull ambulances in the region.

10. The JCB Fastrac Two Tractor Can Reach a Speed of 217 km/h

Tractors are well-known for being efficient but slow. However, performance-enhanced tractors like the JCB Fastrac Two can clock up to 200 km/h. This variation was stripped down and re-engineered with an advanced gearbox and engine.

11. In the 1930s, Tractors Had Metal Wheels

Back in the day, most tractors were fitted with metal wheels. This helped improve the tractor’s traction even on bad roads and boosted stability. However, the metal wheels were replaced with rubber as time passed because the former wasn’t built for driving on modern roads.

12. Tractors Worldwide Consume a Lot of Energy

It is estimated that there are more than 16 million operational tractors worldwide, most running on diesel engines. By this, a significant amount of energy goes into fueling tractors in different parts of the world. There are continuous talks about the effects of these locomotives on the environment.

13. In 2003, the Solomon Islands Only Had 9 Tractors

In a survey done by Nation Master in 2003, it was discovered that the Solomon Islands only had nine tractors.

14. Tractor Pulling is a Hobby in Some Parts of the World

Did you know that tractor pulling is a hobby in countries like Mexico, Canada, and Italy? There are even competitions where tractors are assigned weight classes and compete in pulling objects on a 100-meter track. The sport originated from the pre-industrial era of horse-pulling games.

15. You Don’t Need a Driver’s License to Drive a Tractor in Ontario

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture doesn’t require you to have a driver’s license to operate a tractor. As long as you’re above 16, you can drive a farm tractor on the roads and even highways. The same law also applies to the self-propelled implement of husbandry (SPIH).

Tractor Overturns are a Leading Cause of Fatal Injuries

All over the world, tractor overturns are considered to be one of the leading causes of fatal injuries on US farms. At least 1 out of 10 tractor operators experience overturns during their life. Overturns are also a leading cause of death for most tractor drivers. This is why tractors usually have a low-speed limit and roll bar or cage frames to protect operators in case of an overturn.



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Last Update: February 6, 2024