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1. The transgender prisoner in “Orange is the New Black” is played by a transgender woman with an identical twin brother who plays her character in pre-transition flashbacks. – Source

2. Identical twin boys were raised as a brother-sister pair (botched circumcision). The truth came when the one being raised as a girl insisted he was a boy; the parents admitted he was the subject of an experiment trying to prove gender identity was nurture, not nature. He later committed suicide. – Source

3. 3 men broke into a luxury store in Germany and ran off with $6.8M worth of jewelry. They left behind a piece of evidence, sweat. DNA analysis led to not one but two suspects identical twins. They couldn’t determine from which one. They went free. – Source

4. In 2007, a twin brother was born at 1:32 AM, However, then Daylight Savings Time occurred. His twin sister who was then born at 1:06 AM, is considered 26 minutes older. – Source

5. When identical twins procreate with another set of identical twins, their offspring are both genetic siblings and social cousins. – Source

6-10 Twin Facts

6. The original “Siamese Twins” fathered a total of 21 children, and their descendants now number more than 1,500. – Source

7. In 1994, the police in Ventura, California discovered that a mans Twin Brother was attempting to serve jail time for him. After some digging, they found that he had served 3 other stints in jail and even served in Korea as his brother. – Source

8. Twin brothers ran a marathon where halfway through the race they switched places in a toilet. The 1st brother drove ahead while his twin ran, rejoining the race ahead finishing 9th winning R6000. A keen-eyed journalist noticed the two wore their watches on opposite hands in different pics. – Source

9. Twins separated at birth, one raised by a German Catholic Nazi family and the other by a Jewish family in Trinidad, both as adults flushed the toilet before and after going, enjoyed sneezing in elevators to startle people, dipped buttered toast in coffee, and wore rubber bands on their wrists. – Source

10. King Gustav III of Sweden commuted the death sentences of a set of twins to life imprisonment if one drank 3 pots of coffee and the other drank 3 pots of tea to test the effects of the newly introduced coffee. – Source

11-15 Twin Facts

11. Twins, at a very young age, have the potential to develop their own unique language that they use to communicate only with each other. – Source

12. Astronaut Scott Kelly will become even younger than his twin elder brother (also an astronaut) Mark Kelly (born 6 minutes before Scott), by three milliseconds after the completion of his one year mission on the ISS. – Source

13. In 2002, a woman was denied public assistance because a DNA test showed that her children weren’t hers. An attorney helped her prove that she had absorbed her twin in the womb, thus giving her two sets of DNA and that her unborn twin was possibly the biological mother of her children. – Source

14. A set of twins were born 87 days apart, setting a world record. One of the twins was born 4 months prematurely while the other did not arrive until 3 months after. – Source

15. There is a pair of craniopagus conjoined twins whose brains are so intertwined, they share all of their senses. They see what each other sees, taste what each other tastes, feel what each other feels. – Source

16-20 Twin Facts

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16. Purple butterfly stickers on incubators are for infants with a twin whom passed away. – Source

17. Mr. Robot actor Rami Malek has an identical twin called Sami Malek, who works as a teacher. They occasionally swap places. – Source

18. There is a set of twins from the UK, one is black and one is white. They have the same parents. – Source

19. Nazi doctor Josef Mengele sewed two twins together back to back in an attempt to create conjoined twins. The children died of gangrene after several days of suffering. – Source

20. Tom Berenger once owned a restaurant called Twins, where the waitstaff consisted of around 29 sets of identical twins. – Source

21-25 Twin Facts

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21. Despite being very similar in appearance, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are not identical, but fraternal twins. – Source

22. In 2011, there were 3 known cases around the world of twins coming from different fathers. – Source

23. In western African culture, twins were an abomination. The twin born last was often killed or left in the jungle to die. – Source

24. The Highest Birthrate of twins in the world is the town a Nazi scientist fled to after the war. His specific area of study was twins. – Source

25. In Nigeria’s Yoruba culture, the second born twin is the elder twin. The first born twin (Taiwo) is kicked out of the womb by the second born twin (Kehinde) to test the world. Kehinde knows it is safe once Taiwo starts crying. – Source

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