38 Interesting Facts About Twins

April 2, 2018
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  1. Barbosa says:

    Nº 24 is a myth. The city in question is Cândido Godoi, an alleged place where Mengele escaped after WWII. In a National Geographic documentary, the jewish nazi hunter following Mengele was intervewed, and he stated that before having is assignment changed, he was close to locating him in São Paulo shortly before is alleged stay in Cândido Godoi. The trip in that amount of time in the 60’s would have been impossible. The family that harbored Mengele in Brasil was also contacted. Without having their identity revealed, they stated that Mengele was never in Cândido Godoi. Mengele died by drowning in a beach near São Paulo, everything pointing to he never having found out the secrets behind how twins are formed. The reason behind Cândido Godoi’s large number of twins? A form of natural selection. The city simply was populated by a larger number of people susceptible to having twins and with time, the genes responsible simply became more common.

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