The Cambridge Dictionary defines coincidence as an occasion when two or more things happen simultaneously, especially if they are unlikely or unexpected. Throughout your life, you must have experienced several coincidences. For instance, you and a friend might say the same thing at the same time. Or you and a colleague may discover that you share a similar birthday. Some people prefer to ignore coincidences, whereas others believe it’s the universe synchronizing our connections. Whatever theory you may have, here are nine unbelievable coincidences that will leave you reflecting the perception of reality as we know it.

1. King Umberto I and His Alleged Twin

In 1900, King Umberto I of Italy visited a local restaurant in Monza. There, he met the owner with whom they shared a lot of resemblances. After further discussion, both men discovered that they were called Umberto. They were born on the same date in Turin and both married women named Margherita. Oddly enough, King Umberto I died on the same day after reading about how the restaurant owner was killed in a shooting.

2. Walter Summerford Being Struck by Lightning 4 Times

Usually, humans don’t need to be struck by lightning more than once to succumb. And then there is Walter Summerford, a Major in the British army who served in World War I and was struck by lightning four times.

He was first struck in Belgium while fighting World War I but survived. Summerford was struck again in Vancouver, Canada while fishing a while later. Unfortunately, he wasn’t third-time lucky as he faced the full wrath of lightning while walking in a park; he died. Interestingly, even in his death, lightning wasn’t done with him; Summerford’s grave was struck, too.

3. The Twins Who Were Separated at Birth

An incredible story of how two twins were separated from birth was once published by the NY Times. The twins, James Lewis and James Springer were taken in by different families as soon as they were born.

Despite their separation, these two shared a lot of similarities. Both were nicknamed Jim. They both married women named Linda, got divorced, and remarried a woman named Betty. They both drank and smoked. The coincidences don’t end there. Both grew up with an adopted brother named Larry and worked in law enforcement.

4. Mark Twain and the Halley’s Comet

Mark Twain was fascinated by Halley’s Comet throughout his life, mainly because he was born on November 30, 1835, when the comet was visible. He firmly believed that he came with the comet and would go with it. Mark died on April 21, 1910. A day later, the comet appeared the brightest and came closest to Earth.

5. Tsutomu Yamaguchi Survived Two Atomic Bombs

Tsutomu Yamaguchi was one of the few people who survived the atomic bomb that was dropped in Hiroshima. After this incident, Tsutomu traveled back to his hometown, Nagasaki, where the second atomic bomb hit him. In his book, The Violinist’s Thumb, Tsutomu writes about how he and his boss were talking about the bomb in Hiroshima when they saw a white light fill the entire room.

6. Violet Jessop and Three Sunken Ships

In 1911, a ship stewardess, Violet Jessop, boarded the RMS Olympic that collided with the HMS Hawke. Violet survived, even though it’s fair to say everyone else did. A year later, she was on board the Titanic that hit an iceberg and sunk, killing close to 1500 people – she again survived.

In 1916, Violet Jessop sank with the HMHS Britannic but somehow survived. At this point, many people would have seen this as a “sign” to quit their jobs. But no, not Jessop – she joined the Red Star Line in 1920.

7. A Sandwich Stop Started World War I

According to history lessons, Archduke Franz Ferdinand started World War I. Though that is 100% true, one tiny piece of coincidence isn’t usually talked about enough. Initially, Franz was to be killed using a bomb, but it blew the wrong car, and he managed to flee the scene.

One of the assassins went to a nearby sandwich shop because the assassination attempt had failed. While he was there, he saw Franz and shot him. If the assassin hadn’t stopped at the sandwich café, he might not have killed Franz, and World War I might not have happened.

8. A Book Predicted the Sinking of the Titanic

Fourteen years before the Titanic sank, a fictional book titled “Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan” by Morgan Robertson was published. In this book, a luxury ship called the Titan sank when it hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic, which is exactly what happened to the Titanic.

9. The Simpson’s Prediction of Trump’s Presidency

The phenomenon of time traveling has often been debated, and rightly so. However, if it were/is real, the writers of The Simpson’s TV show would be closest to it. In 2000, the Simpsons aired an episode called “Bart to the Future” where they predicted Trump would become president.

Sixteen years later, this prediction came true, and Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. Was this a coincidence? Maybe. But how would you explain the Simpsons’ prediction of the Ebola Outbreak, the Titan Submersible Implosion, AutoCorrect, Smartwatches, and many more? However, until we find another reasonable explanation, they remain unbelievable coincidences.

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Last Update: April 30, 2024