For the vast majority, hobbies include reading, swimming, traveling, making new friends, and working out, among others. However, others love to go past what most consider “normal.” They find pleasure in activities that might be regarded as “over the top.” Today, we look at some unusual hobbies that people around the world love to do.

1. Wife Carrying

As the name suggests, wife-carrying involves men carrying their wives as they race through a maze of obstacles. There is no set rule for how one can carry their partner; it can be upside down, in the arms, or around the neck – whichever gets the job done. The hobby/sport is common in countries such as Finland and Iceland. Although wife-carrying is mostly for family get-togethers or outings, the hobby has become so popular that there is a wife-carrying championship.

2. Baby Jumping

Baby jumping is neither safe nor usual. It involves lining kids up on the ground and then jumping over them. Apparently, the hobby has been around since the 1600s and is still practiced in Spain. It is a cultural event that is believed to send away evil spirits.

3. Swamp Football/Soccer

The Finnish seem to have a way of making regular stuff more interesting. For instance, they have their own version of football/soccer, which they play in a swamp. It started as an exercise routine for soldiers and athletes because of the strength needed to navigate through a bog. Ordinary people picked it up as it is fun and boosts creativity.

4. Collecting Celebrity Hair

Collecting celebrity hair is a hobby that can fetch up to $300,000, depending on several factors. People are usually interested in owning a piece of famous people, and a hair strand is one of them. How they collect the hair is not straightforward, but there are online shops where you can purchase these items.

5. Sneaker Collection

Sneaker collection entails finding and preserving the rarest types of sneakers on the market. Often believed to entice younger collectors, the hobby is highly lucrative. Participants can sell some of their collections online at exorbitant prices.

6. Printing Memes

While most people read memes on the internet (and sometimes share them) and forget about them, others go the extra step of printing, framing, and hanging them on their walls.

7. Mobile Phone Throwing

Mobile phone throwing is a hobby where participants strive to see who throws their phone (usually dead or old) the farthest. The game first originated in Finland, where, in 2000, a company called Fennolingua organized for its employees to engage in a phone-throwing competition to ease frustration. The giant tech company Nokia also organized a similar contest a while later.

8. Astral Projection

Astral projection is a hugely debatable hobby because of its nature. Those who enjoy the hobby say they love the out-of-body experience and thrill that they get. All they need to do is lie down, relax, and wait to enter a state of vibration where the spirit leaves their body.

9. Ghost Hunting

Just like astral projection, ghost hunting, and paranormal activities spark a lot of debates. As such, hobbies such as ghost hunting have developed over the years. Participants often find thrill in places mostly considered haunted. They visit with their Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detectors and spirit boxes ready for the adventure. The hobby is so popular that there are ghost-hunting groups that interested parties can join.

10. Lock Picking

Unethical as it might be for an ordinary person to engage in such, lock picking remains a popular hobby. Participants find it thrilling to crack open different locks. Lock-picking learning resources can be found online or learned from those who already know.

11. Extreme Ironing

While ironing in itself is nothing special, extreme ironing can be pretty thrilling. Those who engage in the hobby try to outdo each other by ironing their clothes in extreme scenarios like kayaking or on a steep climb. The more challenging the scenario is, the bigger the thrill.

12. Ferret Legging

Ferret legging is one of the most hilarious (and somewhat dangerous) hobbies. It involves putting a ferret on the competitors’ pants and then seeing who can last the longest with the animal.

13. Cloud Watching

Cloudwatching is mainly for kids. When you lie on your back on a cloudy day, you can see the clouds turn into different shapes. The thrill of the hobby comes in when you are able to sport a figure representing a real-life/familiar object. It is perfect for allowing your imagination to run wild.

14. Underwater Pumpkin Carving

For some, diving underwater is not fun/challenging enough, so they choose to take a pumpkin with them for underwater cutting. Underwater pumpkin carving is rapidly growing in popularity.

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Last Update: April 29, 2024