Mobile phones have become a constitutive part of our daily lives. According to research studies, there are around 6.2 billion mobile phone users across the world. The numbers keep increasing every second. From the remotest parts of the world to the busiest of cities, everyone has started using a mobile phone.

It has led to the growth of several new brands over the past decade. In turn, this has created some employment opportunities. With new technologies and features getting implemented, the prices of the phones are also on the rise.

Earlier you could have easily purchased a high-end phone with a low budget, but now it is not the case. The prices have sky-rocketed, and it has become quite tough to buy a new phone with all high-end features within a small budget.

It has resulted in creating a big market for used phones. Instead of spending such a huge amount, people have moved towards purchasing used phones that fit their budget. We all know how expensive iPhones are, and for many it is unaffordable. Instead of putting up so much money on a new iPhone, you can avail a refurbished one for almost half the price.

Why go for a used phone instead of a new one?

Several toxic materials go into the manufacturing of a mobile phone. A single cadmium cell battery can pollute about 600 thousand liters of water. To control this, it is better to cut down on the purchase of new mobile phones by opting for used ones already in circulation. There are so many online platforms that have taken the initiative to control e-waste accumulation.

There are several websites online that offer the consumers to give away their old phones in exchange for new ones. Users can even sell their phones at a reasonable price on these platforms.

Where does the UK stand when it comes to the Used mobile phone market?

The UK has become one of the largest hubs for refurbished phones. Several mobile buying and recycling companies have ensured that they create awareness among individuals to opt for second-hand phones. The ongoing pandemic has also been one of the reasons for the UK being on top.

It is a known fact that the UK is one of the countries with the highest mobile users. Over the past few years, the number of mobile users has only increased. It, in turn, has made people opt for refurbished phones that would meet their budget.

According to a survey, many people in the UK end up purchasing refurbished phones during the last couple of years. It gives you a clear insight into the craze for refurbished phones among the population. In most countries, this is the same scenario. Most millennials, especially college students, who have the urge to buy big brands have started looking at refurbished phones instead of purchasing new ones.

Closing Thoughts

How to sell my mobile phone? Mobile phones can never be considered an asset. Their price drops once you purchase it. So why do you have to invest such a huge amount on a product that tends to drop in value over the years? The wisest thing to do in today’s scenario, where the entire globe is facing a financial crisis due to the pandemic, is to opt for a refurbished phone. You can even sell your old phone. In exchange, you can purchase a refurbished one.

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Last Update: June 12, 2021