Here are 29 interesting Virginity facts.

1-5 Virginity Facts

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1. Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis lost his virginity at the age of 12, to his father’s 18-year old girlfriend, with his father’s blessing. – Source

2. A 20-year-old female and a 23-year-old male auctioned off their virginity. Her highest bidder bid $780 000, and his highest bidder bid only $3000. – Source

3. Engagement rings evolved as a form of “virginity insurance” in the event that the groom left a bride-to-be “damaged” and unmarried. – Source

4. Jason Segal lost his virginity by performing Elton John’s “Your Song” on piano for a girl and claiming to have written it for her himself. – Source

5. For $700, girls can get their hymen rebuilt to fake virginity when getting married in China. – Source

6-10 Virginity Facts


6. Wedding cakes were originally white to symbolize purity and virginity. Since pure sugar was expensive, a whiter cake indicated your higher wealth and class. – Source

7. In 2012, female protesters in Egypt were subjected to virginity tests after being arrested. – Source

8. Grooms carry their brides over the threshold so the brides won’t seem too excited about losing their virginity. – Source

9. Traditional Samoans valued a bride’s virginity so much, the chief would break her hymen in public so the entire tribe could see his bloody fingers. – Source

10. In Korea, 23.1% of males lost their virginity to prostitutes. – Source

11-15 Virginity Facts

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11. Joaquin Phoenix’s family was part of a controversial cult “Children of God”. Joaquin’s brother, River Phoenix (who died in 1993 of a drug overdose on Halloween Night) claimed to have lost his virginity there at 4 years old. – Source

12. James Franco wrote a book in which there’s a chapter written from the perspective of a woman who loses her virginity to James Franco. – Source

13. Hugh Hefner didn’t lose his virginity until he was 22. – Source

14. The song “December 1963 (Oh What A Night)” by The Four Seasons was initially supposed to be about the repeal of Prohibition but was eventually changed to be about a guy losing his virginity. – Source

15. Legislation concerning slavery in ancient Greece allowed guardians of unmarried women who lost their virginity to sell them as slaves. – Source

16-20 Virginity Facts

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16. Cassandra Peterson (Elvira Mistress of the Dark) claims that she lost her virginity to Tom Jones but had to have stitches due to the size of his penis. – Source

17. The average Icelander loses their virginity at 15.7 years old. – Source

18. Bunnies were once believed to be hermaphroditic and able to mate without losing their virginity- that’s why the Easter Bunny is a symbol for Marie, with eggs being a symbol of rebirth, which is traditionally dyed red for Christ’s blood. – Source

19. Women in some countries put herbs in their vaginas to fake virginity causing the vagina to swell up and bleed during intercourse. – Source

20. A purity ball is an American formal dance event attended by fathers and their daughters which promote virginity until marriage for teenage girls. – Source

21-25 Virginity Facts

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21. The white wedding dress was not meant to symbolize virginity; historically that color would’ve been blue. – Source

22. Selling virginity is legal in Britain and is not always regarded as exploitation by feminists, who may even participate in it. – Source

23. There’s a biologically immortal jellyfish that gets its virginity back every time it loses it. – Source

24. “Virginity” is linked to your intelligence, kids with higher IQ’s are less likely to loose it in their teen years. – Source

25. In the Catholic Church, there is a practice known as “Holy-transvestism” in which it is acceptable for a woman to adopt the life and dress of a man if it is done for the purpose of preserving her virginity. – Source

26-29 Virginity Facts


26. Female virginity doesn’t really exist the way we think. There is nothing that breaks or pops in a woman, and if something does, you are doing sex wrong. – Source

27. A British teen sold her virginity on eBay for £10,000 to pay for her college tuition. When interviewed, she thought that the man who was interviewing her was asking all the questions because he wanted a discount. – Source

28. Both Greek Goddess Hera and Aphrodite renewed their virginity annually. Hera did so by bathing in a spring called Kanathos and Aphrodite bathed in the sea at Paphos. – Source

29. On the northern coast of Colombia, it is common for a boy to lose his virginity to a donkey and it is believed that having sex with a donkey will enlarge your penis. – Source

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