We have many ways of entertaining ourselves: one of them is by learning weird facts . If you are here for the same reason, you are in the right place. Our bizarre facts listicle will leave you yearning for more!

1. A Sloth is So Slow Algae Can Grow on It.

Algae mainly grow on stagnant objects, for example, water-logged wood. Now imagine how slow an animal has to be for these plants to grow on them! As it turns out, a sloth is that slow.

Scientists estimate these creatures can walk 30 cm (1 foot) per minute. With these figures, it’s understandable why algae find sloths as suitable habitats. On the flip side, this might be intentional because they have a symbiotic relationship: algae provide a cooling effect while sloths offer food.

2. A Blue Whale’s Tongue Has the Same Weight As an Adult Elephant

It is common knowledge that the blue whale is the largest animal in the world. Its heartbeat can be heard two miles away, weigh the equivalent of 30 elephants, and make sounds louder than a jet’s engine.

However, what I found crazy is that, of the 30 elephants, the whale’s tongue alone takes up one – it’s that heavy. That animal is humongous!

3. The Eiffel Tower is Taller in the Summer

Anyone who has remotely attended a physics class can crack this, but it doesn’t make the idea less crazy. When the weather is hot, the materials used to build the Eiffel Tower expand. Given this iconic tower’s size, the expansion can be as significant as 6 inches.

4. Pigs Can’t Stare at the Sky


Pigs can’t look at the sky… unless they roll over on their backs. The physical anatomy of a pig makes it impossible for the animal to stare at the sky. A pig’s neck’s muscles (and fat) are not as flexible, providing limited movements.

And by the way, even if they could, pigs generally have poor eyesight, so they wouldn’t see the sky.

5. There is a Significant Chance that You Eat Bugs In Your Sleep

Not to freak you out, but there is a high chance that you have swallowed and will continue to ingest bugs such as spiders, roaches, and mosquitoes. It should be common knowledge that something like that might happen, though. We don’t control much that happens in our sleep, do we?

6. Giraffes Have Purple Tongues

There are many fascinating things about giraffes. For instance, they have purple (sometimes black) tongues. Because they can stretch up to 50 centimeters, the dark sheds prevent the giraffes’ tongues from sunburns.

Also, did you know giraffes have vocal cords? Well, they do! However, because of their stretched necks, hearing their sounds is impossible. Imagine if there was trouble and one giraffe tried to warn another. As I see it, they might lack the cords but have secret codes for their survival.

7. The Spanish National Anthem Has No Lyrics

Along with countries like San Marino and Kosovo, Spain’s national anthem does not have lyrics. The famous La marcha real (The Royal March) has a tune that the country’s citizens hum to. There have been proposed lyrics to the song over time, but none has been officially recognized.

8. Cockroaches Can Survive Several Days Without their Heads

As it turns out, a cockroach can survive up to a week without food before finally dying of starvation. You heard that right! Hunger is what will kill it! Not lack of air or minimal usage of brains! Do roaches even need their brain?

9. The English Language Has Only 4 Words Ending With “Dous.”

Something tells me that you think you can name more than 4 words that end with “dous.” I can confidently tell you that only “horrendous, stupendous, hazardous, and tremendous” do. Find others if you can (don’t mention Scrabble words, please).

10. Snails Can Sleep for 3 Years

Snails are among the few animals that can go into hibernation and estivation. Their survival hugely relies on moisture. Its absence means they can sleep for as long as it takes (even 3 years) until the environment is suitable.

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Last Update: July 19, 2023