11. Recently started “The Good Place”, and it has quickly become one of my favorite shows ever. Only four seasons, and 30-minute episodes, so should be doable in a short time.

– bigmetsfan

12. MadMen.

– Izzrail

13. The Sopranos.

– Wrong_Answer_Willie

14. 30 Rock.

– FoxtrotSierraTango

15. Scrubs, The Office, Futurama.

– Buwaro

16. The peaky blinders. (tHe pEaKy fOoKiN bLoInDaHs)

– Nfnors

17. Trailer Park Boys.

– GaijinChef

18. Avatar the Last Airbender, probably not 14 days but it will still be a fun ride!

– vadermaybelater

19. Shows that don’t need your full attention: Bob’s Burgers, Schitt’s Creek, Friday Night Lights.

Show’s that do require your total attention: The Americans, Better Call Saul, The Leftovers.

– dwhite10701

20. When I was deployed in Iraq, there was a point at the end of the deployment where we just lived in a tent for like a week with literally nothing to do. I watched Lost.

– Callec254

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