21. Barry.

– Awasawa

22. Battlestar Galactica. It’s like 5 seasons, 25 episodes/season and hour-long episodes. You could watch 8/day and that would take you 15 days.

I even think there’s an episode or mini-story arc when the ship is under quarantine, so it’s relevant too.

– The_Silent_F

23. Community!

– theSchiller

24. Brooklyn 99 maybe? I find it hilarious.

– OkDuck1

25. The west wing.

– HockeyBoyz3

26. Stranger Things.

– jazzzz

27. Schitt’s Creek.

– Vivid_Bird

28. Mr. Robot –

  • 4 seasons in 45 episodes so you could fit it in twice depending on how quickly you devour it.
  • Rami Malek and Christian Slater as leads, excellent supporting cast.
  • A complete character story arc that comes together at the end.
  • A heartbreaking character arc that is grounded from the very first line through to the end.
  • Utterly beautiful cinematography, wonderful music, and even better – realistically plausible technical details regarding security exploits, network intrusion, and social engineering.
  • Relevant themes are given to our current world and geopolitical environment.
  • Alf.

– jasonsneezes

29. Psych, it’s pretty much like scooby doo for adults.

– Xaece

30. Peep show, 9 series and it’s amazing.

– flomccattypowell1998

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