11. Pasta.

– sealion7

12. Music is pretty neat.

– MomentOfHesitation

13. Floating in a large body of water with no distractions. Also, did you know that if you float on your back in a hot tub with all the jets on that you’ll spin in a lazy little circle? I did not know that and it’s pretty fun. It’s also quite relaxing. If you’re careful you can do it while reading a book. If you haven’t had a chance to try that yet, you should hang on at least until you do. It’s pretty rad.

– dualsplit

14. Outlive your enemies.

– Pro_Disappointment

15. If you die mom will be upset.

– ricardo_my_man

16. Cyberpunk.

– John_Cena_But_Black

17. To see if the Area 51 raid actually happens.

– BigBerthaCavalry

18. Because if you die, it can’t get better. Right now, I’m a shaking, emotional mess because I hit rock bottom last night. I am still here because I know from experience that as long as I don’t give up, my life has the chance to get better. Hopefully, it will but the only way I’ll see is by sticking around.

– replies_with_corgi

19. Spite.

– EmbodiedGuide7

20. You’ve been dead for an eternity before you were born. Let that sink in, an infinite amount of time where you did not exist. And for a universal split second, you’re alive, after which you will stop existing for an infinite amount of time. In the grand scheme of things, being alive is literally the least likely thing that could have happened. And yet here you are.

– mahade

21. The smell of fresh rain, the smell of flowers, being able to cuddle your pet, the taste of your favorite food, being able to finish out your favorite tv shows.

– katiepotaytie

22. Anything. At one point I was living for the Wordgirl series. My life’s goal was to watch all of the episodes. That was it. The one thing keeping me alive. A kid’s show that I should have grown out of years ago. There is never a ‘bad’ reason to live. Never a stupid one. Any reason to live is a good one, especially if it’s all you can think of at the moment.

– Little_Mss_Sunshine

23. Dead tongues taste no pineapple juice.

– ryfitadf

24. Dude. The universe woke up. Do you understand how crazy that is? After billions of years of chaos and evolution, a tiny part of the universe arranged itself in such a way that it was able to say “holy sh*t, I exist!”. That shouldn’t have happened. It’s the most unlikely thing imaginable. You are the subjective consciousness of the universe itself. The universe woke up, and it is you. Don’t squander it.

– Merlord

25. As Superman said “All I know is that we have to try. That’s what life is. We try. We push back against the darkness, just a little.”

Nearly every problem someone has is a temporary problem. Death is a very permanent solution to a series of temporary problems.

– thrasherfect92

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