11. You can roast almost all veggies and they turn out delicious. It’s also really easy.

Take the veggie, cut it into bite sized pieces give or take (can be larger if you want, just adjust cooking time and test for tenderness). Place in a bowl and toss with olive oil until everything is lightly coated. Spread out on a baking sheet (can put a layer of parchment paper on it to make clean up easier) and season with a thin layer of kosher salt and pepper on all pieces. Place in an oven at 350F or above and once well browned, remove and eat. You can roast at 450F if you want but just know that it will take less time at this temp and more time at lower temps. Do it a lot and you’ll gain experience and figure out what temps you like. For me, it often depends on what else is in the oven and I just go with it and check it periodically.

If you want to kick it up a little, sprinkle some diced garlic (I often use the one you buy in jars at a store) and some red pepper flakes (go light if you’re sensitive to spice) over the veggies as well. Cook the same. They are delicious.

Works with almost everything – broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, carrots, all squashes, etc.

– fiddich1

12. Tongs are also oven mitts, juicers, knives, spoons, and extendo-arms. Just make sure you click them at least twice before using them to make sure they are on.

– ChickenMarsala4500

13. If you’re getting annoyed because it’s taking you too long to peel garlic, place an unpeeled garlic clove under the flat side of your kitchen knife and press on it with your hand. The garlic peel will separate easily and your garlic will be crushed.

– FinanceGuyHere

14. Wear a tall hat to hide the small rat.

– Pugzalay

15. Whatever you do do NOT put your coconut in the microwave.

– somedumbrick

16. For thick and nice sauces, use the water you cook your pasta with.

– IZiOstra

17. If you find cooking unbearable, try being less sober while you do it.

– AjahnMara

18. The spice measurements in most online recipes are way too small. I usually double them.

Cinnamon isn’t just for sweet foods. It can be really really good in savory foods.

Don’t forget the acid. A bit of citrus juice or vinegar can really make a dish pop and bring out the other flavors.

Don’t be afraid to deviate from a recipe, but be careful with baked goods. If you make big changes in baked goods you might get a dud unless you know how it will effect the baking process.

– The-one-true-hobbit

19. Salt and pepper are your best friends.

– downsouthcountry

20. When cooking at home, especially for guests and especially in winter, microwave the plates/bowls for 30-90 seconds before putting the food on them.

Cold plates take heat from food, hot plates keep food hot longer.

– StandCroissant

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