11. I once showed up for an interview and the manager wasn’t there that day. No one called me to let me know.

The assistant manager was not apologetic for the scheduling issue at all. She was literally just like “oh, she’s not here today” in a tone that suggested I should somehow already know that. She said they would call me to reschedule some time the next week. I told her I was currently unavailable M-W but could come in any time Th-F. She said if I couldn’t make time for the interview, I probably wouldn’t be a good fit. I said okay, and went on to my other interviews and ending up working elsewhere.

You’d think that would be the end of it, but both the manager and the assistant manager badmouthed me to a few other people in the industry, including one of my friends.

Hello? I made time for an interview. You disrespected me by not calling me to let me know it was canceled. I gave you the times I was available to reschedule, and that was disrespectful somehow?

– 53raptor

12. “We don’t like ‘clockwatchers’ here. We expect everyone to be committed.” Expecting more work for no extra pay. Getting mad at you when you leave at 5 even though your stated work hours end at 5.

– kirill47

13. Employees are either new hires or have been there for 15+ years with no in between. There is no room for improvement – it’s better to leave for advancement.

– princessarielle6

14. When you are signing all the forms they give you and you are taking your time to read over every document so that you can fully understand what you are getting into and people come in and start telling you that you don’t need to read this and that just sign here and so on.

– saxon_shield69

15. I was once told, “Sometimes the hourly workers go on strike and they lock us in to keep the production line running, but management brings us steaks and we have an informal agreement with the unions so you can cross the picket lines once a week to visit your wife.”

– dachjaw

16. Had an online interview with a company a few years ago.

Was interviewed by the regional manager, seemed like a normal interview.

Halfway through, he let slip that there were six other people from his company watching and listening in, but the software was set up so I could not see or hear them.

And he actually got a kick out of telling me this.

It was like being on a first date with someone, and finding out later she had a hidden camera on her and her parents and six other family members were watching the whole time.

I’m like, yeah. No.

– coffeevenice

17. I interviewed for an independent contractor position on a piece rate. It’s hard to predict how much you’re going to earn on a piece rate, so to attract me the manager showed me some paystubs from his guys. I noticed that:

  • He could easily cherry pick paystubs to show my his best guys best weeks. All that tells me is that I’m likely to make less than what he’s showing me, at least on average.
  • The paystubs were obviously designed to be confusing. They were a full page and absolutely covered in data. He wanted me to be impressed by a dollar amount (obviously not accounting for costs which the contractor has to carry or taxes which the contractor has to deduct and pay) but he took them away before anyone could have deciphered what the pay period, piece rate, number of jobs or kms was.
  • He showed me other people paystubs! wtf??

Another red flag is that they were desperate to hire because they didn’t have enough contractors to deliver the work contracts they’d already sold. I had two guys from different offices call me after I’d declined the position who apparently still thought I was considering it.

– madeamashup

18. When they tell you “what I’m paying you stays between you and me, don’t discuss pay with anyone else” usually means they are trying to pay you less than your coworkers who do the same job and don’t want you to know.

– oreomurder

19. At my last place of work, the person interviewing me had a printed cartoon on their wall of someone who looked like a bomb had blown up in their face, with the caption “I spoke with ‘boss’ name’ about it.. I guess we’re still doing it”.

That wasn’t subtle at all, but I ignored it. The boss was an absolute tyrant who wouldn’t listen to her staff, consider changing her mind about anything, or let people do the work they were best suited to do. She wouldn’t show up for weeks at a time. The job itself was decent, but she was the worst boss I’ve ever had.

– Posaunne

20. If you can see the floor before the interview, you can sometimes get a vibe about the place. I once went to interview for a sales position. Aside from the interviewer being 30 mins late, it did allow me to sit and observe the situation. I realized pretty quickly this was not going to be the place for me. Very quiet except a handful of people on the phones cold calling. Many reps trying to push for contacts on the other end, just painful to listen to. And when they’d hang up there wasn’t really any interaction with co-workers. Just quiet, and then another call. It all seemed very tense. I noped out of there real quick after the five minutes the interview took. Dodged a bullet.

I had interviewed for a call center job at another place that’s a complete 180 from that. Yes, it’s a call center job so it is what it is, but there was laughter on the floor, people talking to floor managers, just a completely different vibe that was more inviting.

– ZolaMonster

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