21. Jobs where the expectations of the position aren’t clear. The person hiring you should be able to give a clear idea of your responsibilities are day to day in a practical way. It shows that the company understands what it wants out of the position.

I’ve worked a couple of positions that had a really hard time figuring out who was supposed to do what that lead to a lot of confusion and both of them had this in the interviews. If the company you’re working for can’t define what success in that position looks like you won’t be able to either.

– Xerodo

22. I was once part of a group onboarding for an IT job. They handed us all the one-page new hire “contract” and everyone except me signed immediately. When I read the paperwork, I discovered we were signing a mystery document. Clauses included “I agree to abide by the personal search and seizure security policy (attached).” Without other pages, there was no way to determine what I was agreeing to. I kept requesting more and more pages until the HR drone said “ok, I guess [me] is just determined to hold everyone up. We will handle you separately if you’re struggling so much.”

After I walked out and drove home, I called the hiring manager to apologize for not taking the job. He informed me that HR reported I had walked out after refusing to be drug tested.

– ManiacDan

23. “Well, the overtime isn’t mandatory, but most folks stick around after hours most days.”

Spoilers: The overtime is mandatory.


24. When they insist the suicide nets are merely a safety precaution.

– HumanoidRobot

25. Not getting to speak with who your direct manager will be.

A game room or ping pong table is advertised as a perk.

The blatant overuse of buzzwords about your profession, clearly written by someone with no clue.

People seem tired.

– sevencoves

26. If they seem too relieved that someone actually showed up for the interview.

– Toadwave

27. When they feel the need to reassure you in the interview that at that company, they “work hard, but also play hard.”

They don’t play hard – it’s a sweatshop and they’re just trying to convince that’s it’s anything but one.

– VictorBlimpmuscle

28. They dodge questions on pay, meaning they don’t pay enough for what they expect of you.

The word “Family” in reference to the employees. Means they want you to work lots of unpaid overtime.

– JimboSpicy

29. When they ask out of no where what clients can you bring with you.

– Space2345

30. Once an interviewer straight up asked me if I had any trouble working for free on weekends… I told them my free time is more valuable than anything and that the only way that I would work a weekend is if they are paying me and if I felt like working a weekend. She got really mad at me and ended the interview right away.

Biggest red flag I’ve ever seen because they didn’t even try to hide it.

– Sani7864

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