11. Raw eggs. There’s bound to be a better way to cure a hangover.

– factchecker8515

12. Oysters. They’re the texture of a thick loogey. They taste like salt water and algae that’s marinated an old piece of discarded bubble gum. But I love them! I love them so much! I love them with horseradish, lemon juice, and hot sauces. They’re mostly just a vector for those flavors I guess. But I’d never really argued with a person who hates them. They’re objectively correct. I’ve just eaten so many things at this point, whacked off my taste buds so much, made them numb with fire and acid, that I’ve evolved to some twisted realm of flavor where culinary cenobites make me genuinely enjoy some clearly disgusting meal.

– SleepyConscience

13. Anything that’s classified as a “local delicacy”.

There’s usually a reason it’s remained local.

And yes, I am Scandinavian, how’d you guess?

– Aurora_Fatalis

14. Balut. I spend quite some time in the Philippines and I never saw one person actively ENJOYING the food but eating it because cheap and easy to get.

– GodofWombats

15. Snails. Had them. Nothing thrilling, it’s all about the butter and garlic oil.

– thatbrunettegirl10

16. Black licorice…blech.

– Cronoghost

17. Marmite.

There’s literally a series of adverts made by the company where the whole premise is ‘This sh*t tastes so terrible that even the slightest scraping will make you vomit.’ They’re not even pretending anymore. It’s not food as much as it is an inter-office dare to see just what nasty sh*t they can convince people to eat.

– Portarossa

18. Limburger cheese, it smells and tastes like sweaty feet.

– Dante_Marco

19. The food my nephew makes. It’s too salty and it’s always made out of play-doh.

– SitFlexAlot

20. Kombucha.

– this-is-my-name-1908

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