21. Celery. It’s literally bitter, chewy, fibrous water. Blehhh.

– virtual_me_101

22. Liver and pig’s feet. I eat all types of food. I eat sushi, caviar, oysters, beef heart, tongue, etc but those two foods, in particular, have a certain taste that just broadcasts what they are, and it isn’t positive.

– knowses

23. Popcorn with ketchup… I don’t even want to talk about it.

– itsYnock

24. Durian. The smell of some durian tea from an ex-coworker led to everyone in my (then) office thinking there was a gas leak.

– glowything

25. Caviar. Id like some salt paste pleases for $100 a scoop…

– Raspberries-Are-Evil

26. Coconut Water. If I wanted to drink taint sweat I would just collect my own.

– whooky-booky

27. Kale. Sure, I’d love a sandpaper salad!

– the5thbeagle

28. Wines – wine “snobs.”

We have some friends that are – and they use this term themselves – “wine snobs.”

They are nuts about wines, and that’s perfectly okay because they like it and it makes them happy.

But from what I’m learning lately, even the top experts can barely tell the difference between super cheap wines and the “good” expensive wines.

So, my guess is that they are pretending to like the “good wines” as well, because they can’t tell, just like the “wine experts,” the difference.

– Husband_In_Chastity

29. Truffles.

– Steiny2042

30. Quinoa.

– slupo

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