21. Irfanview for image viewing and editing.

– joculator

22. Physics Tool Box suite for smartphones. There is a paid and and free version. It’s one of the few apps where I used the free version enough that I bought the pro version just to send the team some money.

It gives you raw data from the sensors in your smartphone, and for me, it really let’s me use my devices as something more than a glorified internet portal. I’ve used the free version to track g-forces, measure sound intensity, and spot bat echolocation on a spectragram. It has a tone generator and detector, so you can tune instruments with it in a pinch, and a strobe for cool video effect/signaling.

– theBytemesiter

23. Foxit Reader.

– The_Snarky_Wolf

24. Virtual machines. They are pretty solid to keep viruses off of the main pc you play Minecraft or whatever. As long as you do anything shady on the VM and not your main pc, you’ll probably be fine.

– BlueSapphire926

25. Phrase Express. Windows-based text expander. Saves me hours every day.

– CaptainTime

26. Lego Digital Designer.

– syntax_error2505

27. Overdrive is a great free app if you are bookish.

– dpindotz

28. Picasa for managing your photos. No longer supported by Google but still an awesome piece of software. So glad I downloaded the installation file!

– mynozizfroz

29. All writers should get ywriter. Simple interface, keep track of character and location details, add notes, add photo references. It does what a lot of paid software does for free. Yet few people know about it.

– gnaptick

30. Eartrumpet, makes audio so much easier to adjust.

– CForChrisProo

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