21. My test results came back negative for Coronavirus after being sick for the past 5 days. I’m still really sick and I was pretty nervous since I got tested but I’m happy it’s not that!

– fuzzyorange73

22. I saw a bee.

– Yellokapi

23. My daughter told me she loved me, and that I’m her best friend; she’s 3, (almost 4), years old. I suffer from (possibly bipolar) depression, and anxiety, so this made my heart swell. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve such a precious child. Just typing this is making me tear up a little, lol. ?

– KM-Illustrations

24. My dad got a job as a warehouse manager that he needed so he doesn’t need to work 2 jobs and he can see me and my family more.

– TheNewMemeGuy17

25. It’s my birthday! 🙂

– MinorRunz

26. The sun rays piercing through the morning clouds. It always puts a smile on my face seeing how beautiful it is.

– AsYouWish8412

27. My city had protests last night and there were some vandalism and looting.

When I drove through today, folks were out in force cleaning up.

– Broketographer

28. My dog laid her head in my lap when I came home for lunch.

– Jackuzzi0404

29. I heard the heartbeat of my baby for the first time ?

– Hartwyn

30. The paper I’ve been working on through my whole Ph.D. got accepted!!!

– ghrarhg

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