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What is a fun fact that is mildly disturbing?

21. If you win it big in the lottery, you have a higher chance of both getting murdered and committing suicide.

– TheShredder315

22. Everyone has Demodex, or eyelash mites, living in their eyelashes. They are microscopic and typically do not cause any issues. People may get skin problems if their Demodex population gets out of control, but that can be avoided with proper hygiene.

They feed on dead skin cells, but they’ve apparently also started taking a liking to mascara.

– your_moms_butthole

23. At some point the punishment for attempted suicide was death.

– Weavilite

24. Bunnies actually have the ability to scream, but they will only scream if they feel they are about to die.

– The-Clever-Idiot

25. Your skeleton is wet.

– Freudian-Sips

26. Jeffrey Dahmer used to give his neighbors sandwiches.

– 927comewhatmay

27. Male giraffes will headbutt a female in the bladder until she urinates, then it tastes the pee to helps it determine whether the female is ovulating.

– eDgAR-

28. Chimpanzees just flat out love to eat monkeys.

They love it so much they’ve feasted on certain breeds to local extinction.

Always found this mildly (moderately) disturbing because of the similarities in the species, like if wolves sought after puppies.

– YourDailyDevil

29. Humans produce enough saliva in their lifetime to fill two swimming pools.

– Sotomagic

30. Cannibalism is pretty damn common in hamsters.

– Physical_Mud

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