11. Barrettes, hair clips, and other bits of plastic that hold your hair in place. I get these at dollar stores because the high-end pharmacies charge way too much.

– aeleisha3941

12. Designer handbags, at least in recent years to meet the demand of the newly rich.

There’s a huge industry of Chinese immigrant workers in Tuscany, Italy, who manufacture the bags there, so that it can bear the coveted “Made in Italy” label

They are perhaps not that cheaply made but still not the value of the prices they command.

– brkh47

13. Babies. Both adopting and buying a baby on the black market takes serious money.

– ButterScitchMagic

14. Ibuprofen at a hospital.

“Yeah, we just went and got this bottle from the dollar store for $4. Oh, that patient needs two of them? Sure, charge their bill $88.”

– k0uch

15. Beats headphones cost $17.00 to make and are sold for $100 – $500.

That’s insane.

Just wanted to say that this video goes super in-depth on the history of beats and why they aren’t the best quality.

– dude7277

16. Diamonds.

– Rocky1963

17. Someone once said ” ‘They asked the company why they were selling their product for $200 if it costs $10 to make it?’ And the company responded ‘because people buy them for $200’ ”
– matanpokoj

18. New build houses in the UK!

Built by the lowest bidder, to the lowest standards possible. Crammed in so densely that two “detached” houses can be less than 18 inches apart. The biggest scam is that the developers try to sell the house, but retain ownership of the land that it’s built on, then charge rent for the land.

– PS6610

19. Grey Goose Vodka.

– averagejoe1997123

20. Most fast fashion. A pair of jeans that costs $4 to produce but costs $40 for you to buy is a 1000% markup.

– kawaiisienna

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