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What is, in your opinion, the biggest flaw of the human body?

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11. Ectopic Pregnancy.

Ovaries are ovulation and doing their things. Eggs and what not. An egg decides enough is enough, and with the help of a hormone surge, wants out of that sh*t. Bigger and better things.

So the egg literally punches out and is supposed to go straight into the Fallopian tubes, get fertilized while inside the tubes, and then plant in the uterus.

You would think that the entrance of the Fallopian tubes would connect right to the ovary? Nah

The opening of the Fallopian tube has these little hairs (fimbriae) that are like wacky inflatable tube men in front of sketchy used car lots, and kind of guide the egg into the Fallopian tube. Sometimes, the eggs don’t feel like it going, and they venture off. And if fertilized, it’s considered an ectopic pregnancy. It can plant anywhere in the abdominal cavity at that point. Most of the time, it will die because it has to plant in a well-vascularized region to be viable. Sometimes, it finds a good, bloody spot, and starts growing there. At that point, it’s essentially a tumor, and if it can eat enough into a blood vessel, it can rupture and bleed like sh*t.

You would think that millions of years of evolution would create a Fallopian tube that opens up right to the ovary, but that’s not the case.

– SomeLettuce8

12. Cancer. Routine processes meant to repair the body create mistakes that in turn create tumors.

– ValorousVagabond

13. That we can bite the insides of our own cheeks. I’m sure plenty of you know the pain of accidentally biting down on your cheek.

– bobblegrop

14. Getting tired and needing to sleep. I could have done so much if I hadn’t had to sleep.

Though really, I probably would have just still not done anything.

– Only_Mortal

15. A quick tap to the testicles renders a man useless for at least a solid 5 minutes.

– cookiecuttertan1010

16. Ears being so fragile and irreparable.

– kyogrebattle

17. You can control your bladder and sphincter. Why of why isn’t there a mechanism to hold in your period?

– SJExit4

18. Not being able to hold our breath long (quick oxygen usage).

– hellsimulator

19. My personal greatest flaw in the human body has to be the immune system. Sure, I bet a lot of you have perfectly functional immune systems, but mine has decided my gastrointestinal tract is the enemy and must be eliminated at all costs. So basically whatever programming error led to my Crohn’s disease, that’s the biggest flaw.

– naranjaspencer

20. We’re physiologically built to have sex with as many people as possible as soon as we hit puberty, but practically, socially, and psychologically, that’s a really bad idea.

– Thunderstarer

21. Over-storing fat.

I mean, I get hanging onto 20 pounds of the stuff just in case you need to tap into that energy but at 50, 100, 300 pounds our bodies are still like “well better still stock up, you never know if we’ll find any food this upcoming year”.

– Hullabalooga

22. Too many pain receptors on feet.

– LuciferianMGTOW

23. The amount of time it takes for us to grow and mature to a level where we are able to contribute and not be 100% dependent on our parents/family unit.

Or the fact we have a useless organ that randomly ruptures and will kill you if you don’t seek treatment for it.

– CatfishDiddy

24. The pain and complications associated with giving birth. Giraffes can birth whole tiny giraffe hooves and all and go about their day, yet women are still enduring massive amounts of pain (and/or death) during childbirth. It seems evolutionarily unproductive.

– pikaqueen1997

25. Wisdom teeth. They were useful when we used to have bigger jaws, but now they often cause pain and infection.

– Ana_Litvi



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  • Redundancies in the body. You have 2 eyes, ears, legs, hands, kidneys and lung sack. Your liver can regenerate from a small piece but you are royally screwd when your heart fails. Why only one?

  • Having the prostate wrapped around the urethra. I didn’t give it much thought in my 20s but I am now 65 and have many reasons for my new position.

  • Our brains are our biggest gift & our biggest flaw.
    Our propensity for psychological problems & subsequent self destruction is our biggest design issue.


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