21. My girlfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship. We typically take turns traveling between each other’s countries (Australia and Canada).

About two years ago, it was my turn to travel over to Australia to stay with her and her mom. For a bit of background, my GF’s room was built as an extension/add-on to their garage. So to get to it, you had to walk through their garage to get to her room.

About a couple of weeks into my trip over there, I wake up at around 1:00 AM and the room is just glowing red. I look up at the ceiling and I see this black figure crawling through the ceiling. It moved in such an inhuman way, almost like it was breaking every one of its bones to move. I start screaming which wakes my GF up and she looks up at the ceiling and starts to scream as well. Instinctively, I grab my pillow and whip it at the figure. The next thing I know everything went black and I’m waking up a few hours later. My GF is fast asleep so I think it was just some weird dream.

At that point, I have to go to the washroom. So, I walk through the garage and try to quietly open the garage door to get into the main house.

Previously, her mom had mentioned that she was getting annoyed with us staying up late at night and going through the garage door to use the washroom. Since her mom’s room was down the garage door hallway, each time we would open it, the door would click loudly and wake her up.

So, I’m standing there at the garage door and I try to open it as quietly as possible. As I turn the handle and the door clicks as I push it open, her mom just starts screaming at the top of her lungs. I thought it was out of rage for waking her up, so I immediately close the door and speed walk back to my GF’s room. I climb into bed and gently nudge her awake to tell her that her mom is screaming. She gets up and goes to see whether her mom was still angry and try to deescalate the situation.

About 20 minutes go by and my GF comes back into the room completely silent. She asks me if I saw the room glowing red earlier as well as a figure in the ceiling. I say yes and she goes wide-eyed and says that she thought it was just a dream too. She then says that her mom wasn’t screaming at me. Apparently, when I opened the door, it did wake her up — but when she woke up, there was a black figure standing at the foot of her bed and it was slowly moving towards her. She then experienced a blackout as well and was woken up by my GF checking in on her.

Yeah… the entire house slept with the lights on for a month after that.

– LetsFlai

22. When I was in high school, I would always be the first to arrive home out of my family, having the entire house to myself. I’ve never been superstitious or someone who scared easily, and the hour I had alone was my favorite time of the entire day.

My bedroom is upstairs, and one day when I got home from school I placed my bag away and started up the stairs. About halfway I stopped because I thought I heard something coming from upstairs so I stayed listening.

I heard a very slow rendition of the melody from the ring around the Rosie, crystal clear; coming from my bedroom. I was 100% sure I was the only one home, and I had absolutely no ‘device’ that could be playing music unprompted, especially ring around the Rosie.

I froze in fear and listened for about 15 seconds to make sure I was really hearing it, which I was. I just turned back down the steps and waited around in the living room for my family to get home before I went back upstairs. I went into my room a few hours later and there was nothing out of the ordinary.

I know it’s not a very climactic story, but it’s something I think about every now and then. I never told anyone about it because, why would I, but that was the first time something truly strange happened to me.

– Satori_Black

23. Well, not the scariest thing ever but when I was 11 my family and I moved to another town because of my dad’s job. We were only going to stay there for a year, and thankfully we were given a house in a closed community of about 20 houses made for army officials and their families.

So one day my parents are out and they take my baby sister, my older sister is in a friend’s house and I’m left alone with our dog for like 2 hours. I was playing in my room when I remember that the black socks for my Monday uniform(kind of like a suit you wear on Mondays) are drying in the backyard. I go there with my dog and utter out loud “I wish there was something to do” and not a moment later I hear some young voice say very clearly “then let’s play”

I turn around to see my normally hyperactive Golden sitting looking at me like nothing has happened, I freak out immediately and ran upstairs to my parent’s bedroom, I turn on the TV and hide under the covers until my family arrived, they saw me sweating, scared and paranoid at this point. They never figured out what happened but tried to make me feel better.

Now the part that freaks me is that each of the houses in the community was surrounded by 3-meter tall cinderblock walls, the place where my socks were was next to a wall separating from another house, one that had no children, the other house to the left was over 20 meters away and behind another wall, and the wall behind my house separated us from nothing but a steep hill.

There was no one who could have said that, and to this day it freaks me out every time I think of it.

– Blackirean

24. I had a schnauzer that could hear a cat stalk across a Persian rug. The slightest noise could wake her from slumber and set off her constant barking. She made a great tent companion while on backpacking trips. Bears, raccoons, and skunks would all get a fair warning if they came within range of our campsite. One morning we woke up from a night without interruptions in the backcountry of SW Colorado and I found my tents central guyline was no longer staked down by the aluminum stake that I had used but instead by a piece of aspen branch that had been carved into what looked like a tiki statue. Nothing too ornate but a snarling face with teeth had been carved from the bark and it had obviously been heated in a fire to give it a brown color. My dog didn’t make a sound and I apparently slept harder than I thought. I scrambled out of the tent and looked around the small alpine lake and saw no other campers nor any sign that people had been around. Cut my trip short and hauled ass the 8 miles back to my car. Not a single other car in the lot at the trailhead.

– gnghsconbrudadon

25. I was putting my daughter to bed, and she was talking about her godmother, as we were reading a book that her godmother had gotten her. Her godmother died in 2019, of breast cancer. She was my very best friend, more like a sister, and she doted on my daughter. We are reminiscing about her, and my daughter’s twinkle lights she has on her ceiling start going off. They have multiple settings- and they are on the rainbow setting. Not too weird, maybe they have a short or something. I go to turn them off. They aren’t plugged in. I figure it’s my friend saying hi. She loved rainbows. I’m not superstitious, but she promised to stick around and haunt us. I find it comforting. Those lights still go off every now and then.

– thin-white-dutches

26. My cat used to visit me after he passed away. I could see him move in the corner of my eye, just at the edge of my vision. Or I could feel his head pressing against my chin like he used to. This went on for years, and basically stopped when we moved. I miss him.

– gozba

27. We had a rescue dog years back, a terrier mix. We lived in the countryside on a wooded hillside and owned about five acres of woodland and rough fields mostly wild. This dog loved to be up there chasing rabbits but loved her home too so would never be gone for very long. One day she went missing. We took our other dogs up there and searched thoroughly but nothing. We had another friend bring his dogs, nothing. We advertised, put up posters, we did little but search high and low for six days but nothing. On the sixth day we had pretty much given up hope but I decided to go up one last time because I had a hunch, a tickle in my belly, about one particular area which had already been thoroughly searched. I took a sickle and a pair of gardening gloves and hacked my way towards the center of a huge bramble patch. It was summer and all I could hear was birdsong and insects, but suddenly I heard a muffled yip. I called her name and then heard her again getting excited. She was deep underground in a rabbit warren. I stayed calling to her until help arrived, the local fire brigade were kind enough to come and help and advise and we got her out eventually. She ran around like a demented muddy pup and amazingly the vet said she was basically ok, had probably been getting enough moisture from eating mud to keep her alive. I am not generally a fanciful person, but I just knew in my ‘knower’ she was there. No explanation for it.

– farbunny

28. Not creepy as such, more just unexplained. As a kid, I was around a friend’s house after school. It was a sunny day so we went to the park near his house, then through the woods there. (His younger brother was with us as well).

In the woods, beside the path, there were red berries on the ground. The berries had been arranged into three stick figures, which was weird as there were three of us. We got back to the house, and my friend and I decided to go back to take another look (his brother stayed at the house). When we got back there were only two stick figures. My friend snapped a photo on his phone then kicked the berries and we ran back to the house. I have no idea what was going on; was it just some kind of prank being pulled on us?

– HailToTheKingslayer

29. I had a short lucid dream. And the scene happened a few days later.

I am 200% sure about that because I keep a diary of my dreams, and it matched perfectly.

– Pickly_Ricko

30. We used to have a night out every Christmas with the lads from high school. We went back to one of the lad’s houses and were all drunk having a good time when one of the lads pointed into the kitchen and said ‘who’s that’ – the kitchen was like a box room you could see the whole room from the doorway!

I had my back to the wall where it was and turned to look in, the lights were off and there was no one there. We all looked and said what are you looking at. He was adamant and just stayed sat pointing and just said ‘no who are those two there’

The lad who’s house it was was looking in and turned on the light and again there was no one there, and we all said are you ok, what are you on about?

He said ‘look that fella is leaning on the worktop and the other is leaning and pointing and laughing at me’ – we all kept saying there was no one there. After a back and forth for about 10 minutes, he was describing what they were wearing, etc and then the lad who could see these people realized we couldn’t and started freaking out, tearing up and shaking uncontrollably saying he had to get out of the house. He was shaking that much we had to put his shoes on.

Once he had gone and been drunk (no drugs, that we knew of!) we just laughed it off as him being off on one but the lad whose house it was said he described his uncle and grandad who had long since died EXACTLY how they used of stand and what clothes they were wearing.

I wouldn’t have believed it if I wasn’t there, and honestly, I still think he just had a mad episode. We have all met his grandad and uncle before they died so it could have been some mental moment he had. To this day anytime we mention it he refuses to talk about it and doesn’t even entertain any notion of it. As I said, it sounds far-fetched but that is 100% true, I don’t believe in ghosts, etc and still think he had a ‘moment’ but it was genuinely weird and unsettling!

– Satch1987

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