21. Preheat your pan, it’s a simple trick but it will improve your cooking.

A small amount of oil will go a long long way.

When you take steak or pork or lamb off of the heat or out of the oven, always give it time to rest, usually half the amount of time you cooked them, and I tend to loosely cover them in tinfoil.

– Empty_Refrigerator

22. Never ever EVER throw water on a grease fire

Don’t try moving it either. Turn off the heat, place a lid on it or smother it with baking soda, if you don’t have a fire extinguisher.
Also, consider buying a fire extinguisher if you don’t already have one.

– chris_the_earthenoid

23. Learn how to properly store raw ingredients in a fridge (raw chicken on bottom).

Understand times and temps. It’s possible to stack times and ingredients so that your food is done at the same time.

Drink heavily and get a neck tattoo of a pig or tomato, or no one will take you seriously.

– boston_shua

24. Stay by the stove.

– OkCrazy6

25. When you take something out of the oven, a pot, pan, skillet, sheet, tray, whatever; drape a towel or oven mitt over the handle/edge of it. That way you or anyone else understands that it’s hot and not to be grabbed bare-handed.

From a Homecook who has grabbed handles in excess of 400 degrees literally 30 seconds after taking them out of the oven…more than once.

– TheWingus

26. Scrambled eggs: low and slow.

– highschoolgirl

27. If you put a lot of effort into making a meal for your loved ones and something doesn’t come out the way you hoped for, don’t b***h and complain and apologize for it when everyone is eating. Otherwise a crappy dish turns into a crappy experience for all.

– WhatDaufuskie

28. Never add dry cornstarch to hot liquid.

– dface83

29. Stop cooking with extra virgin olive oil; it is not some ‘better’ version of olive oil.

Extra Virgin has an extremely low smoke point, so cooking with it often leads to burnt food and a smoky kitchen. It is intended for dressing and garnishing. Regular olive oil has a much higher smoke point and is meant for cooking. They are not the same.

– ajcranst

30. Always salt your pasta water!

– euben_hadd

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