We asked our regular contributors through e-mail What makes your home home? We got many interesting responses. Here are some of them. We have just copied and pasted their responses, not editing them in any way.

1. 19 years paying for it. One more, just one more. Common, you can do it, Freshy.

– fresh_scents

2. I can take a completely relaxed and care-free dump. No worrying about stinking up someone’s bathroom, fart sounds, running out of paper, leaving skids down the bowl, the toilet overflowing, people knocking on the door, or a door that doesn’t quite latch or maybe doesn’t even have a lock.

– AGreasedPickle

3. A place I don’t have to talk to anyone.

– cornbeefandcabbage

4. My dog waiting for me at the door when I get home from work.


5. For me, it is the smell. My GF used to work at a place where she would great deals on candles, and ever since we have created a nice stockpile of candles that fit every time of year. For instance, right now we have a bunch of Springtime candles burning and it always reminds me of home.

– danglebury

6. It’s where I can finally take off my bra after a long day.

– mitsumine

7. I’m 18 and I have to say my moms cooking, you don’t know how much you have till you’ve lost it for a period of time.

– 8-Bit-Oddish

8. The lower floor has an open layout, so I can see all the way across the kitchen, living room, dog bed, patio, and view. Being able to look out and see my loved ones, kooky dog and a big green space… Yeah, feels like home.

– EmperororFrytheSolid

9. Absolutely, without a doubt, my wife. She’s my favorite human and I literally can’t wait for her to get here each day. She gets home after me.

– Redkid

10. Sometimes you can feel homeless even in your own home if you don’t have this hard to describe the feeling of “calm love” surrounding you. Home is wherever you feel comfortable and safe. I’m saying this as a happy and healthy young man with a loving family and dog.

– Aviv0509

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Last Update: April 18, 2019