11. Elder Scrolls 6. Still have a while to wait, but damn if I’m not excited already.

– page395

12. Terraria 1.4. It’s not necessarily a new game release but I think it still counts.

– Emperor_Noah_II

13. Hollow Knight – Silk song.

Hollow Knight is one of the few games which have an extremely high polish, a good world-building, tight gameplay, and amazing environmental storytelling. Add to that a discount level launch price and free DLC. If team cherry keeps that quality up then I will be in Heaven.

– Victorius_W

14. The sequel to Breath of the Wild. BotW the second open-world game I’ve ever played (first being Minecraft), has interesting characters and a decent story with fun gameplay. I’m hoping the same, if not better for the second one.

– EbMajor7

15. Horizon Zero Dawn 2. I’d have to say the first was my absolute favorite game. I can’t wait to see where the story goes next.

– spaderho

16. Grand Theft Auto VI.

– slicksonwuus

17. Kerbal Space Program 2.

New rockets, new engines, new planets, new systems, base building. And I think there’s online gameplay. Loved the original, I still play the enhanced edition for PS4.

– TiresOnFire

18. Assassins creed Valhalla, I’ve always been a big fan of the assassins creed games and I’m pumped because playing as a Viking sounds pretty cool.

– ColeyPatroley

19. Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated. I’ve never played the original. (Have a Wii but no Gamecube adapter or controller). I’ve heard great things about it and like other games like Mario Odyssey. I’ve heard great things about the game, and love that they’re adding back unused stuff like the Robo Squidward Boss.

– WaffleyDootDoot

20. Halo infinite.

– GalvanicBat

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