21. Lego Skywalker saga.

– Fournote

22. Crusader Kings 3. CK2 is one of my favorite ever games.

Also, it feels like ages since I spent twenty billion quid on DLC so that’s an added bonus!

– matty80

23. Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. I always wanted to play it. I would like to hope that it means the console-PC crossover will actually happen, one day, instead of being only one feature game and a bunch of penny-ante releases that need multiplatform coverage to make up their sales.

– Surprise_Corgi

24. Minecraft dungeons. It looks like a really fun, cutesy game that I’ll enjoy quite a bit. I just hope it doesn’t fall prey to the easiness curse of Diablo III.

– studinoisawesome

25. TitanFall 3.

Because it’s movements and actions are good; their storyline is amazing and it has a variety of things that make the game so… Cool. Playing online has its positive things and most importantly it does not pay to win the game.

– CamiNico01

26. Harry Potter RPG that was teased a few years ago.

– arealfakename69

27. The rest of Deltarune. I’m excited to see where it goes.


28. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition.

An epic JRPG finally getting the HD port it deserves.

– Digimon_Shiny

29. Hopefully Dragon Age 4.

– yumikat

30. The sequel of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. That game is not everyone’s favorite, but I think the developers made really good work here with the thematic and sound and representation of people with a psychological disability. Also, the graphics of it makes the game is considered an indie triple A. Never expected a new title of Hellblade, so I hope it doesn’t play worse than the first one.

– Lepang8

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