11. I often have to fake emotional responses to meet people’s expectations, especially when someone says they miss me a lot or even just saying “I love you” and I know I have to say it back even if I don’t feel anything.

– Callalilly45

12. Being happy all the time, but it does actually make me a more joyful person.

– luathecoyote

13. Around my friend, I’m a much weirder person. But I always fake being serious around people I don’t know because I get too anxious about whether or not they like me.

– spearii-theory

14. Empathy. I care about my loved ones, but when my coworker’s marriage is falling apart and they’re confiding in me, I really just don’t care. However, most people I know think I’m super caring.

– WasteWall

15. I don’t know if this counts as faking but I hide all my dark/negative thoughts until I have had a bit too much to drink, I say everything out loud and my friends say they are concerned about my mental health and I should see a therapist.

– Its-Infamous-

16. Customer service.

– psychiatricpenguin

17. I subconsciously make up a persona for every different person/group I meet and subsequently maintain the ruse when inappropriate company.

Then, when conflicting individuals come together I get really weird.

– ThePrinceOfEnnui

18. As a very spontaneous person, this is scary. Like, does everyone around me have a fake personality? Do people pretend to care about me or my interests to avoid awkwardness?

– Ioei1031

19. I pretend to be happy and normal when out in public, but sometimes I let my true miserable self out in my own home. Nobody’s perfect, sorry.

– Etcarter5

20. My orgasms.

– RatedRCShow

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