Jackpots are special prizes that are often the biggest prize to be won in any game. Although other prizes can be won, in addition to the jackpot, there’s no guarantee of this. In fact, no one really knows when it’ll be up for grabs, plus anyone can win it. What’s more, there are different types of jackpots that can be won.

What is a Jackpot?

A jackpot is the largest prize that can be won in any single game, and often used in games of chance, just like bingo or the slots. Its meaning goes as far back as the nineteenth century, where people played a game known as Jacks. For the game to start, at least one player had to hold a pair of jacks for the wagering to start. When everyone had finished placing their bets, the winner of the jackpot would be the first person to hold three of the same card.

Fixed Jackpots

Just as the name suggests, this type of jackpot prize amount is set. It doesn’t matter how many times these fixed bingo jackpots have been won before because the jackpot prize is still up for grabs. Players will know what the fixed jackpot is before they play because it’ll be shown on a game’s display or in its description, as well as its terms and conditions. Players may need to trigger a special symbol or card combination to win.

Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is like a fixed jackpot in the sense that players may need to trigger a special symbol or combination, but that’s where the similarities end. With a progressive jackpot, the amount of prize money tends to increase in every game until a player wins it.

The more people playing a progressive game typically means the more the jackpot prize is worth. When the jackpot prize is won, the jackpot resets to its original amount, with it increasing in amount until it’s won, and then this process starts again.

What is a Jackpot Meter?

This is a visual representation of how much money is in a jackpot prize for a specific game. It will be near the game and will increase the more people place wagers. Once the jackpot has been won, it will reset to zero and once again start to increase the more people place wagers until the jackpot prize is won again. As jackpot meters update in real-time, people will know how much is in the jackpot before they decide whether to place a wager on the game.

There are so many ways to win a jackpot in an online game, including the slots, bingo and Slingo. Jackpots don’t have to be included in every game, so it’s worth reading up on the terms and conditions of games online that catch a player’s eyes. This is because they’ll get to know what prizes are available and how they can be won. By doing this, players are able to discover what game is the right one for them to play.

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Last Update: February 6, 2023