11. I spent $56,000 on college for a degree I don’t use, but I met my husband there so I really can’t complain. If I divide that over the nearly 25 years we’ve been married and consider that he’s the best of dudes it is a pretty good deal.

– Dispatcher12

12. $120 for a towel heater. I will never dry off with a cold towel again.

– Pissedtuna

13. My older sister is obsessed with The Witcher games so I paid the main character’s/Geralt’s voice actor to wish her a happy birthday.

– ALypseInWonderland

14. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer (a year after my dad died unexpectedly…from cancer) I went to the animal aid thrift shop, bought a bunch of odd dishes, put down a drop cloth, and threw them at my house while screaming bloody murder. I don’t regret one second of that temper tantrum or one dime I spent to make it happen. I eventually made a couple of beautiful mosaics out of the pieces. And my mom is 6 months cancer-free.

– TooYoungToMary

15. Due to poor insulation and distance from the water heater, my shower is never properly warm in winter. I just bought a single end-point tankless water heater for just my shower. Best hundred and fifty bucks I ever spent. Could I really afford it? No. Did I need it? No. Do I love it? You bet your sweet bippy I do!

– pokey1984

16. Back in high school I was about to go on my first ever date and I made extra money to make sure I had enough (around $600 I had) the day before our date she gave me a letter and she basically broke up with me. Being a teenager I had no control over my emotions as being brought up in my family would say guys shouldn’t cry over anything but I had no way to process it. So after school, I went to 7 eleven bought 2 large Slurpees, 6 hotdogs and got a pre-paid card, and bought a bunch of NECA action figures. I actually had a good weekend because I honestly splurged on that money and got into action figure collecting as well-practiced stop motion which ended up helping me to pursue an animation career and I’m about to finish and ready to apply to stop motion studios.

– Richard1583

17. I spent about 6 grand on MC/ DJ for my wedding. But he was the most professional MC I’ve ever met. He coordinated all the sound with the videographer, the caterers around the speeches, preplanned all music and mixed songs to be the perfect length. I didn’t worry about a thing on the day.

– BushElk

18. Finally found the motorcycle I wanted years ago but could not get. It was not running, but after around dumping $3,500 into it and doing a full frame-up restoration and custom job on it. I have the bike I wanted years ago, but better. Yes, I did everything myself, full paint job Tank frame fenders everything. I also did a full engine rebuild, remade the wiring harness, everything was all done in house. So I put a touch over 3K into a bike that is only worth about $1,500. On a good day, but hell it is mine and I built it.

– Gundamsafety

19. I got $27k, and spent it on a solo cross country road trip that led to me moving on the complete opposite side of the country from everyone I’ve ever known. I was in a dark place in my head, the original plan was to find a nice place to end my story, but the trip itself helped me reconsider, so absolutely no regrets to speak of.

– Nihilism-Me-O

20. I spent $300 on a mule. An actual living, 4 hooved, long-eared mule. We raise cattle, so a protection mule was a good excuse. But, really, I just fell in love with him. He’s huge and sassy. He’ll steal your hat and run away. He’s got a Ninja mode where he can sneak up on you, just to breathe down your neck or startle you. He does keep the coyotes away. However, he has proved himself priceless because he eats thistle. When we got the lease on the land for our cattle the pastures had been neglected and were in bad shape. Thistle is a spiky plant that spreads across the pasture, choking out grasses. Cows won’t eat it. It’s really hard to get rid of. To our surprise, the mule cleared out nearly all the thistle in a matter of months. He would eat the flowers out of the center. He saved us an enormous amount of money and labor. We were able to avoid using chemical weed killers, which we really didn’t want to do. Probably the best investment in our whole cattle raising experience.

– rivertam2895

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