Australia is a popular tourist destination because of its wilderness, open spaces, and exciting beaches. It is the perfect mix of culture and rural spaces, so there is something for everyone. There are also plenty of free things to do in the area to keep you busy, so if you want to go to Australia on a budget, it may be more feasible than you think.

Seek Out Deals

Finding deals on things like attractions and food will help you save money on your trip. There are many online publications with information on venues, events, and how to get the best deals. In some areas like business centers, galleries, and libraries, you will be able to get free internet, so you don’t have to use your data plan as much. Doing some planning ahead of time can pay off when it comes to saving money. One option is to consider taking out a personal loan, so you have enough funds to cover the cost of your trip. If you are thinking about going this route, you can get a guide with more information about what you should know about them, like alternatives and where you can get them. That way you can avoid the financial burden up front and make repayments over time.

You’ll Want to Find the Right Accommodations

There are plenty of luxurious places to stay in the country, including lodges and five-star hotels. However, there are also plenty of less expensive accommodations, including bed and breakfasts, as well as guesthouses. There are also pubs, where you can enjoy both meals and accommodations. You can also use home swapping sites to compare prices, especially if you don’t mind staying in someone’s spare guest bedroom.

You Can Find Deals on Food and Drink in Many Places

There are plenty of restaurants in Australia, but if you really want to save money, you should focus on the food markets. There are permanent markets in cities like Adelaide and Melbourne. If you are staying in a more rural area, you might be able to shop at farmer’s markets. Visiting shortly before closing time will help you score the best deals because vendors want to unload their food before it goes bad.

There Are Plenty of Free Activities

You will find no shortage of free activities to enjoy in Australia, including the many beaches. Many of the beaches have lifeguards making sure everyone is safe in the summer, which runs from December to February. They have placed yellow and red flags to show which areas are the safest for swimmers to enjoy. If you visit Sydney, you will get to enjoy many ocean pools that you can swim in. Some areas also have man-made pools and lagoons. If beaches aren’t your thing, there is also plenty of wildlife to enjoy. From whales to koalas to kangaroos, there are aquariums and zoos you can attend. Sometimes you will be able to spot these animals in the wild. You could even go on a tour to visit areas where you are most likely to spot wildlife.

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Last Update: May 25, 2023