11. Making detailed and realistic maps.

I grew up poor so to entertain myself I used to draw very realistic maps and play imaginary scenarios based on the map. Eventually, my family got a computer and I started using google sketch up to make maps and flags. Now as an adult with a good-paying job, I play EU4, HoI4, and CK2. But I still enjoy making maps whenever I have a pencil and blank paper. Imagination has no limits.

– AceLucky23

12. Growing algae.

I sometimes grab some empty glass containers, ones that I cleaned and wanted to reuse. Fill it with water (rainwater is the best) put in a bit of soil or any organic matter.

I have a good collection of algae jars and a big bucket. They don’t need much maintenance and look cool too!

It feels good when you see how you just recycled and produced oxygen for free. I mean I’m at least not a waste of oxygen.

– Mohammad297

13. Jigsaw puzzles. And also bird watching. Sometimes you see aerial combat taking place with these birds, especially crows against hawks.

– MasterAqua2

14. Any hobby that you genuinely enjoy will not be boring to you.

– frequentlylaughs

15. Research, or at least in my opinion. If you’re looking for information on a topic you genuinely enjoy, it’s actually quite fun to learn a lot about it from different sources.

– fawnsol

16. Finding cool rocks. No joke. You get to walk about, seeing cool things, breathing fresh air, and get a geology lesson bonus.

– Dustin_McReviss

17. I love making Spotify playlists for super obscure themes, like “the summer of 1997” or “the feeling you get when you realize you are driving too fast and it’s raining” or “these would make a good soundtrack for a zombie movie”.

I’m currently working on a playlist of songs to play a stranded Victorian-era time traveler to get them up to speed on 21st-century American musical culture.

– Louis_Farizee

18. Hand sewing. It’s meditative and yet requires a lot of attention to detail and skill to do effectively. Meat, tiny stitches are so satisfying and take a lot of practice. The different applications of techniques require a lot of technical know-how, and there’s a lot of math and abstract thinking involved, especially in structured or highly tailored garments.

– shiguywhy

19. Astronomy.

– TelescopiumHerscheli

20. Writing long essays about nothing. I will sit down and write paragraphs about Bulls**t, and make it like a rant, and then delete them.

– satoshima03

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