21. Crocheting.

It can be relaxing, and you have something to wear! I’ve made a few pieces that won blue ribbons at the county fair. It may not be much but I was super proud of it!

– turquoisepurplepink

22. Painting. You’re constantly adapting to what the paint is doing, thinking, using your intuition, and you’re a lot more active than you appear to be.

– VoiceofHope2021

23. Model building, at first your stuff going to come out looking like crap, too much glue, not enough glue, you cut the wrong piece, you have put a decal on wrong, etc.

But after a while, it starts to become peaceful and enjoyable to a point that you genuinely take pride in what you have built, so you go for harder builds and better quality, and eventually, you have a massive collection of wonderful models and figurines.

– Empty-Refrigerator

24. Learning. You have the internet where you can learn anything you wish in hundreds of enjoyable ways and it’s practically free. Gaining knowledge should feel awesome. It’s a shame school does the opposite to most people.

– feedmaster

25. Making spreadsheets. I love finding patterns in the stuff.

– boulomai_mathein

26. Cooking. It seems mundane for everyone. But imagine if you could make your own favorite dishes without spending a huge amount of cash on a fancy restaurant or any kind of restaurant. You might able to spend your cash on the ingredients. But you can have your favorite meal for the next few days.

Bonus if you managed to cook a new dish properly, you might impress peoples around you. Especially toward your SO.

– KikySandpi3

27. Model railroading and/or train simulation.

– OtherisSuspended

28. Language learning.

It’s slow, methodical, and can be frustrating at times, but that moment when you can form simple sentences without much effort is probably one of the most gratifying feelings I’ve ever felt.

– blended_to_bitz

29. Reading. It’s an adventure in your mind.

– crow_morow

30. Collecting coins. There are so many weird ways of doing this hobby.

It can bring you to the deep recesses of eBay, a garage sale or flea market in the middle of nowhere, your grandmother’s attic, or a random field with a metal detector.

And there are so many variations on HOW you can collect memorabilia coins, state quarters, pre-war coins, silver coins, gold coins, or coins from a specific year, or whatever qualifier you can think of.

– DvDCover

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