11. SCP wiki – http://www.scp-wiki.net/

– xavierdc

12. Tv Tropes.

– DignitasRev

13. Can’t ever go wrong with trusty old Wikipedia. I can just keep on clicking articles for hours, and even if it’s not the most accurate source I’ve found out about a lot of cool sh*t on there. I think I have like 160 tabs open in the app, and I don’t even use it that much lmao.

– TheStrangestOfPlaces

14. Check this link – http://radiooooo.com/#

– bloodinthefields

15. Here is My 90s TV

It’s a fun, novelty website where you can easily lose yourself for hours with nostalgia. Basically it uses YouTube videos to simulate watching TV in the 90s and allows you to specify the year you want, along with what categories you want to see when you change channels.

They also have a My 80s TV and a My 70s TV

– Jazzzz

16. Try http://gameaboutsquares.com

A challenging game about squares haha. I’ve only gotten to level 20? I can’t remember and that might be an overshot.

– amstmesquita

17. Duolingo.

– jealousofhiscat

18. You can do anything you want at Zombo.com.

– TheDevler

19. I spent hours on https://neal.fun/

– CharmTLM

20. I’d probably say wattpad, I read a lot of cringy fanfictions.

– camtheburger

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