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What’s the best-kept secret on the Internet?

21. These things are the reasons why I love the internet:

  1. You can download many free textbooks and any other ebooks from these websites… http://b-ok.orghttps://ebooks-shares.org,… many more

  2. You can read and download any academic journals from this website

  3. You can pay the cheapest fuel in Australia from this website via 7/11 app

  4. You can block a lot of ads in any websites by using ublock origin (including block ads in websites like YouTube, Facebook,…) if these websites ask you to turn off your AdBlock, visit this site

  5. You can download any free software, ebooks, movies,..for free from these websites

  6. You can learn anything from Lynda or read anything from kindle ebooks, Proquest database by joining a public library for free.

  7. You can read any newspapers online like NYT, WSJ, the Australian, Harvard business review,… for free with this

  8. This site saves a lot of deleted websites

  9. You can download any mp3 files on YouTube via this site for free delete “ube”)

  10. many more…Are these still secrets?

– sansteve

22. Ctrl +shift+esc brings up the task manager directly instead of pressing Ctrl+alt+del then clicking the task manager.

– banterjsmoke

23. There is this website that has been online since the mid-’90s. It’s a collection of stories from a guy working at a video game store in Canada.

– milmd

24. If you delete system 32 the NSA won’t be able to monitor your traffic.

– YumYumFunTown

25. The Library of Babel

It is a fascinating experiment that uses algorithms to prove Jorge Luis Borges’ theory that anything and everything text-based can be and has been created just through the random assignment of characters using a labyrinth of bookshelves in a hexagon format.

Every work of fiction or nonfiction can be created a word for word randomly given enough permutations.

Anything randomly discovered in the library will be in exactly the same spot when re-discovered without having to generate the millions and millions of pages of text and store it.

– Ziros22

26. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Creator of bitcoin:

– rockemsockem0922

27. The shitload of foreign sites you can use to pirate literally anything just google translate “download” to Chinese or Russian combined with the name of what you’re looking for and you have it.

Russians are the best for books and research papers.

Chinese have literally every movie, tv-series, and game known to man.

– puya191

28. Where did Cotton Eye Joe come from and where did he go.

– beytrod

29. The krabby patty formula.

– the_mighty-chaddicus

30. Mr. T vs Everything

– LonelyPauper


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