11. Delete Facebook.

– VeryAgitatedEngineer

12. Do your best and wing it like the rest of us. It kinda made me feel like the feeling of being lost and unsure of what to do next was normal.

– how_are_ya_now2

13. Hadn’t heard this until 2020—It’s ok to not feel ok.

– Louismaxwell23

14.  The best tip I’ve ever gotten was whenever your mind is talking badly if you, act like a detective and remove yourself from the situation, analyze from the outside and see what is really happening, you will soon realize that these thoughts are not your own but ones spawned by your illness.

It helps me every day.

– PandaChef97

15. Pretend you are your own child. Weird concept, but hear me out. That negative self-talk that’s beating you down – would you speak to a child like that? What would you say to your inner child if someone told them they were an idiot or were fat or were useless or unloved? Practice a little kindness toward yourself. I’m trying really hard to do this & this concept helps me extend compassion toward myself.

– ViaWires

16. Figure out who you are and where you want to be before trying to get into a relationship. This after a divorce. Happily married now. Much better place emotionally too.

– MyCatThinksImSoCool

17. Remember you’re more than you give yourself credit for.

There are people that might super be focused on their jobs and feel like that’s what their whole life is about. Try to remember that you are also a friend, a family member, etc. There are so many different aspects that makeup who we are. It’s important to remember this, especially when one aspect of our life begins to cause us distress.

– dusty-kat

18. “One day at a time.” Honestly.

When I scale-out any plans to weeks/months/years, all I see is that barely any progress is being made, so I end up quitting altogether. Now I just take most things as they come, do what I do for the day, and stop getting stuck on overall progress, trusting that I’ll get there in the end.

It’s fewer things on my mind that have been wonderful for an overthinker like myself.

– pink_flash

19. Sometimes you’ve got to be selfish.

– plasticluthier

20. It is okay to seek professional help.

I mean, if you had some sickness or pain that wouldn’t go away, what would you do? You’d go to the doctor and take care of that sh*t. Get some medicine. Advice. A plan to deal with it moving forward.

Yet for some reason, there’s a reluctance or a stigma around people doing the same with their mental health. Oh, you’re in therapy? Oh, you’re struggling with substance abuse? Oh, you’re on medications for mental problems? We’re not supposed to talk about that! “I went to my podiatrist today” is fine but not “I went to my psychiatrist today” for some reason.

If you’re not feeling mentally okay, then go to the doctor that handles that sort of thing. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about seeking professional help. That’s what it’s there for.

– gogojack

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