11. Waffle Fries with seasoned sour cream.

– the1coolname

12. With cheese, inside a pierogi.

– Scrappy_Larue

13. Bake it and put some butter, bacon, and cheese.

– lilzingzong

14. Roast potatoes.

– jfb1337

15. There’s no bad way to eat potatoes…but I have a weird fondness for loaded tater tots.

– ringofstones

16. My wife just made an amazing potato soup from scratch. So right now its that.

– Munchlax_1147

17. Hot crispy fries with a lot of salt and malt vinegar.

– spaceman_slim

18. Thrice Baked!

– rhapsodyincrimson

19. Here’s a recipe for you:

Start with 5lbs of russet or red potatoes.

Cut them into quarters. Boil for 15ish minutes.

Drain. In a large mixer, combine:

The cooked potatoes

1 stick of butter

1 package cream (or Neufchâtel cheese)

5 – 10 cloves of freshly crushed garlic

A cup or so of ranch dressing

Salt and pepper to taste

You can adjust the final consistency to make them even more creamy by adding a bit of milk, half and half, or cream.

Best damn potatoes you will ever eat.

– quangdog

20. Well, I found out how to make a potato pork roast from an anime and well that’s about the only time I make potatoes for myself. the food in question

– ThrowAcc-PMmeNudes

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