There is no denying that Daniel Craig has been vital to producing 5 James Bond installments. Gamblers reckon his appearance on the Casino Royale in 2006 was entertaining and eye-opening. The stolen money in the movie is enough reason every gambler needs the

Most James Bond fans thought it was the end of the movie series after the release of No Time to Die in 2021. Daniel Craig, aged 54, wouldn’t appear in the new bond franchise. Rumours from various pundits seem to point to different actors for the new James bond role.

Barbara Broccoli and Michael J Wilson, the Bond franchise producers, have yet to let the cat out of the bag. Although we might wait longer before we know who will be the next bond, a few names stand out amid a trailer set for march or April 2021. Today, we look at the front runners for the new bond casting.

Lashana Lynch

Most James Bond fans thought Lashana Lynch would star in the next movie, but it’s far from the truth. Revealed that a woman would not be the next James Bond. The truth is that the scriptwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s preference for the movie will be a new character to match James Bond. It is sad, but beyond doubt, Lashana is a superb actor in the movies he has cast.

Theo James

Better known as Cameron Sullivan from The White Lotus movie, Theo suits the new James bond role best, according to Craig’s fans. In a January interview with SiriusXM, James quickly said that the Bond franchise needs to reinvent the movie. It is unclear why he opposed featuring in the next James Bond cast and putting on the double-breasted suit jacket.

Idris Elba

Back in September, Barbara Broccoli said casting Bond would be a 10 to 12 years commitment. She admitted that getting Daniel Craig on board for the first time was hard. The saddest part was when she said Idris Elba, a fan favourite aged 50 was out of the contest for the next James Bond. It is unclear why he ruled himself out. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Idris admitted not to fit the role but looks forward to who clinches it.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

In recent weeks, the tiring speculation for a new bond has seen odds inclined on Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The 32 years old actor has proven himself as a top actor in several movie titles, best known being.

  • Avengers
  • Nowhere Boy
  • A Million Little Pieces

According to a report from The Sun, Taylor Johnson went for a screen test at Pinewood Studios, owned by Barbara Broccoli. But again, the producer never clarified whether he went there for the sake of the next James Bond movie or other engagements.

Aaron Taylor Johnson might be gracing your screen for the next movie if the report is anything to go by. It’s only a matter of time before Barbara Broccoli clears the air.

Paul Mescal

If age was the primary concern, Paul Mescal, the Maynooth native and Irish actor, looks suitable for the top job. At 29, he was nominated for his first-ever Oscar. Though young, Paul appears to be a soft-centred boy and a stellar choice. In an interview with Digital Spy on whether he would play bond, he replied, “I don’t know. If it ever came my way, we’d discuss it… I don’t want to say yes or no. I am a massive fan and will continue to be, regardless.” Let’s wait and see what comes out of him if he is called.

Henry Golding

Henry Golding could make a bid in the next James Bond movie if previous rumours are anything to go with. In his interview with Vogue about the Last Christmas film, he was modest in addressing any speculations about featuring in the movie. The exciting bit is that he acknowledged that being in the speculations for the next actor was an honour but left the final decision to the producers.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is one of the few actors who make no secret of being the James Bond frontrunner. He was even picked to succeed Pierce Brosnan in the 2006 Casino Royale by Martin Campbell. Unfortunately, he lost to Daniel Craig because he was slightly younger than the Franchise wanted.

In his January interview with the Sunday Times, He said, “Time will tell. You don’t know which direction they want Bond in, so I like to say that everything’s always on the table.” Now that the next Bond gig is open, let’s wait and see if Martin Campbell will consider him again.

Richard Madden

Richard Madden stands a decent chance of being the next James Bond actor. His acting career started when he was 11, but it was until 2015 that he featured in the classic fairytale Cinderella. Other movies he is well-known for include:

  • 1917
  • Bastille Day
  • Bodyguard
  • Game of Thrones
  • Eternals
  • Medici: Masters of Florence

In a way, his Game of Thrones role proves him to be a sharp warrior in crisis. Seeing how he brings out the fighting character in the next James Bond movie would be exciting to watch.

Sam Heughan

The Scottish actor Sam is honest about his desire to be the seventh James Bond, saying he is ready to throw his hat in the ring! Although he is a relatively new entrant into the race, he has made a good name for himself as an actor.

Sam is best known for acting in The Spy Who Dumped Me and Outlander. In one of his available podcasts, he said, “I have been up for the next James Bond… but I think now I feel capable enough to do it.” The question is whether Barbara and the team will consider him for the Bond gig.

Rege-Jean Page

Of all the most promising and spoken about James Bond franchise frontrunners, Rege-James Page could be the guy. In April 2021, it was reported that Bridgerton dashing Duke of Hastings star would not return to the movie. If you consider Barbara’s quest to feature new generation actors in the next casting of James Bond, Page is a promising candidate. At 34, he chooses not to appear desperate for the role or make a committal response yet, though flattered for being noticed.

Final thought

Taylor Johnson is the finest actor to succeed Daniel Craig if the next James Bond casting is to diversify. His age also favours room for a 10 to 12 years commitment, which is one of Barbara’s terms. More so, Taylor Johnson could be in for the job, as the identity of the new bond actor is kept a secret until the official reveal.

Remember, Richard Madden and Jean Page are also promising candidates for the cast. Their past acting gigs put them at an advantage against other top frontrunners. Overall, the buck starts and stops with the producers—let’s wait for the announcement from Barbara and Michael.

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Last Update: March 18, 2023