Which propaganda effort was so successful, people still believe it today?

May 23, 2019
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  1. Reverend Jim says:

    #4 – It wasn’t deliberate propaganda. The French foot and the English foot were not equal. The french foot was larger so the final height in French feet seemed shorter.

    #6 – It should be pointed out that nobody alive today has any idea what Columbus looked like. There are no paintings or drawings of him that were made by anyone who ever saw him.

    #7 – It wasn’t so much that they paid the media. What they actually did was fund all the studies that concluded sugar-good fat-bad.

    #13 – It should be added that McDonald’s had refused several times prior to this incident to lower the temperature of their coffee to industry standard.

  2. Laurence Almand says:

    The social propaganda that everyone must be married in order to be happy, and that all married people must have children. Nonsense! There are millions of happy, well-adjusted single people, and also millions of childless couples who are quite content with their lives. Being married does not guarantee happiness (look at the divorce rate) and children often turn out to be ungrateful monsters.

  3. david lombard says:

    on fact 11 : absinthe at the time of its early production contain methanol which is harmful for the body and can make you hallucinate, it’s why it was prohibited in the first place. Now the refinement of it make it with only ethanol and it’s not harmful anymore.

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