Why hasn’t evolution caused mammals to have many more females than males?

August 16, 2015
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  1. Hans van Tonder says:

    Hi, interesting question.

    It is assumed that there has been a state of evolution. This has not been proved in any way scientifically, so I guess the question is of purely merely academic value.

    1. Hans van DUH says:

      Evolution has been proven. Divine creation has not.

    2. Mark says:

      Hans, step away from the devilbox, you should know better than to be on a computer! A device first imagined by a gay atheist, operated by software sprung either from the unholy mind of another atheist, or if you’re on a mac it’s operated by the mind-child of a infidel buddhist!

      Shame on you for keeping such impure company! Now begone and let the adults talk.

  2. Snownova says:

    There’s also the issue of small populations. In a small isolated population any gender ratio significantly deviating from 50/50 runs the risk of producing a mono-gendered generation.

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