According to statistics, the chances of being struck by lightning are seven times higher than being attacked by a wild animal. At first, this may seem like a crazy stat. However, a closer look reveals that, over time, people, especially those living in urban areas, and governments, have taken extra measures to prevent wild animals from interacting with people. However, although the odds of being attacked by a wild animal are at an all-time low, some people have been unlucky enough to have a one-on-one face-off with these creatures. Here are the craziest survival stories against wild animals.

1. Left for Dead by a Grizzly Bear

While traversing through South Dakota, Hugh Glass was attacked by a grizzly bear. He was in the company of other people who helped kill the bear because Hugh was completely overpowered. However, Hugh Glass’s companions left him for dead as they thought he was severely injured and couldn’t make it.

Fortunately, Hugh Glass came back to life with more willpower, taking a 200-mile hike to a nearby settlement. He narrated how he allowed maggots to eat his wounds to prevent infections and recalled how he fought with a pack of wolves for some raw bison. His story is considered one of the best survival tales against wild animals.

2. Gouging a Cougar’s Eye with a Pen

An aged couple, Nell and Jim Hamm were hiking in northern California when a cougar attacked them. The mountain lion targeted Jim, who, while wrestling it, instructed his wife to take the pen from his pocket and pierce it in the eye. In a heroic turn of events, Mrs Hamm was able to gouge the cougar’s eye with the pen, and it ran off. She saved her husband, but not without multiple lacerations.

3. A Polar Bear Attack While Sleeping in a Tent

Kootoo Shaw worked as a guide for hunting parties in the remote town of Kimmirut, Canada. During one of his hunting adventures, Shaw was attacked by a polar bear while sleeping in his tent. Since he was caught unaware, Shaw was pretty much defenseless.

Thankfully, another hunter who was accompanying Shaw was able to shoot the polar bear. Shaw narrated how the polar bear had grabbed him by the neck, and he could hear it breathing in his ears. He sustained numerous injuries and had to get more than 300 stitches and a scalp reattachment. This marked the end of Shaw’s career as a guide.

4. Head Stuck Inside an Alligator’s Mouth

Not many people get their heads stuck inside an alligator’s mouth and live to tell the tale. In 1997, one James Morrow was snorkeling in Florida. While underwater, he noticed that an alligator had swallowed his head, literally, an incident that left his lung punctured. Mr. Morrow would have been swallowed whole were it not for the mask he was wearing. Somehow, the alligator opened its mouth, letting go of James, who ran for his life.

5. A Near-Death Experience with a Pet Tiger

Remember Siegfried and Roy? Well, in 2003, Roy had a near-death experience with their pet tiger called Montecore. Roy Horn was performing live in Las Vegas on his birthday when the tiger attacked him. This was strange because Montecore had been born in captivity and had never shown any signs of aggressiveness. Even after his attack, Roy still cared for the tiger and was heard saying, “Don’t kill the cat,” as he was rushed to the emergency room. Fortunately, Montecore’s life was spared.

6. A Starving Bear vs a 68-Year-Old Man

Gene Moe, a 68-year-old veteran, was lucky enough to survive an attack from one of the largest bears in the world – an Alaskan brown bear. In November 2000, Gene was attacked by an Alaskan brown bear, which he stabbed three times before rushing to pick his gun and shoot it. Besides being a massive animal, the bear was starving, making it exceptionally aggressive, but somehow he survived.

7. A 13-Year-Old Survives a Shark Attack

In 2003, 13-year-old Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a shark while surfing in Hawaii. She was lying flat on her stomach when a shark bit her left shoulder, but she was fortunate enough that some of her friends were nearby, so they saved Bethany’s life.

Unfortunately, Bethany Hamilton lost her left arm and had to get a prosthetic one. In a remarkable show of resilience, Bethany did not give up; she continued with her surfing career, participating in numerous competitions in 2004 and 2005. In an interview, Bethany expressed contentment about how such a scary event that created something beautiful.

8. A Shark Encounter Turns Lisa Mondy into a Shark Conservatist

Initially, Lisa Mondy worked as a wildlife tour guide in Port Stephens, Australia. While swimming at Jimmy’s Beach with her friends, Lisa was attacked by a 13ft great white shark, injuring her left arm and face. It also sank her several feet deep into the water but floated again because she had a life jacket on. Lisa had to undergo a 16-hour surgery to treat her injuries. She later became a shark conservatist.

9. A Swim with the Dolphins Turned Wild

In Cancun, Mexico, swimming with the dolphins is a fun activity that most visitors look forward to, except for Billie Finley and her friends. Before entering the aquarium, they were notified that one of the female dolphins was bleeding because of a fight with the others. However, they were assured that swimming with these apex predators was still safe, so they went ahead.

A few minutes after getting into the pool, Billie was attacked by one of the dolphins who hit her against the wall. She almost drowned and came out with severe cuts on her body.

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Last Update: May 20, 2024