26-30 Winter Facts

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26. A male moose will break off its antlers after the mating season to conserve energy for winter and regrow a new set each year; which can grow up to an inch a day, making it one of the fastest growing animal organs. – Source

27. A “Desire Path” is the worn track that multiple people mark on grass or other surfaces because it’s the most easily navigated route between places. In Finland, desire paths made by footprints in the snow in winter are used to design purpose-built pathways. – Source

28. Concerns are increasing that Campi Flegrei a “supervolcano” very close to the Italian city of Naples – could erupt again for the first time since 1538. Previous eruptions have triggered volcanic winters globally, causing widespread crop failures and resulting in famines. – Source

29. Some squirrels make “mushroom jerky”, by picking mushrooms and hanging them to dry on tree branches. This helps preserve them over winter, and also prevents insect larvae from infecting the squirrels’ other food. – Source

30. The idea that suicide is more common during the winter months is actually a myth, rates peak during the spring and summer. Considering depression rates are highest during winter, it’s theorized that the relative cheerfulness of spring/summer finally gives people the motivation to commit suicide. – Source

31-33 Winter Facts

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31. Florida manatees have become dependent on warm water outflows of power plants, to the point that they have stopped migrating south during the winter. This becomes an issue when power plants shut down. – Source

32. Oregon State has a lake that drains every winter into a lava tube, turns into a meadow during the spring, and then turns back into a lake in time for summer. – Source

33. Montreal has a whole underground city that is used to walk around during the winter time. – Source




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