26-30 Wisconsin Facts

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26. The common rat poison/anticoagulant Warfarin is so named because its discovery was funded by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation or WARF. – Source

27. Millions of dollars worth of marijuana were cultivated in Wisconsin nature preserves by Mexican drug cartels. – Source

28. On multiple occasions Wisconsin Police told people they would only accept cash as bail money, then when people showed up with payment declared that drug dogs had alerted to narcotics and seized the money outright. – Source

29. In 1973, the Governor of Wisconsin vetoed the digit “2” to change a $25 million appropriation to $5 million. – Source

30. Domestic cats kill around 8 million birds a year in Wisconsin alone. – Source

31-35 Wisconsin Facts

31. It is illegal in Wisconsin to take a ferret with you while hunting. – Source

32. A few years ago a scientist in Wisconsin gen-engineered a virus that caused the chicken to grow alligator-like teeth. – Source

33. In 2004, Wisconsin’s Waupun prison instituted a ban on playing Dungeons & Dragons, arguing that it promoted gang-related activity. – Source

34. Green Bay Wisconsin is the toilet paper capital of the world. Toilet paper had splinters in it before Northern Paper developed a way of linenizing paper. – Source

35. There are Native American pyramids underwater in Rock Lake, Wisconsin. – Source

36-40 Wisconsin Facts

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36. A small airport in Wisconsin accommodates 10,000-15,000 aircrafts for one week every year, becoming the world’s busiest airport at the time. – Source

37. Flocks of native parakeets used to live in the U.S. as far north as Wisconsin. – Source

38. Every year in mid-July, the town of Colby, Wisconsin celebrates the founding of Colby Cheese, offering free Colby Cheese to all who attend. – Source

39. Wisconsin has so many lakes (15,074) that most of them haven’t been named. – Source

40. There is Taiga in Wisconsin. – Source

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