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15 Interesting Facts About Wolves

Here are 15 Interesting Wolf facts.

1-5 Wolf Facts

1. A male grey wolf, dubbed OR-7 or Journey, migrated more than 1000 miles alone through Oregon and California in search of a mate. – Source

2. A full-grown wild Alaskan wolf would come to play with dogs. It even had a stash of toys; it would bring a styrofoam float over for a man to throw. The wolf was called Romeo by locals and died in 2010 after 6 years of this behaviour. – Source

3. In the 1910s/20s a wolf spent 9 years massacring livestock in the town of Custer, South Dakota. He evaded hunters, traps, and poison. He kept two coyotes as servants/lookouts. And when he was finally killed the government issued a press release. – Source

4. Wolves in the wild do not have “alpha males” or “alpha females” with subordinate “betas” or “gammas”. Wolf packs are a family with the offspring of previous years. – Source

5. During WWI, starving wolves amassed in such great numbers that Germans and Russians had a temporary cease-fire to fight off the wolf attacks. – Source

6-10 Wolf Facts

6. Minnesota is the only state in the contiguous USA that has always held a viable grey wolf population. – Source

7. The long-extinct Dire Wolf (Canis Dirus, “fearsome dog”) is the largest species of the genus Canis known to have existed. – Source

8. Large coyote-wolf hybrids are popping up all around the eastern U.S. – Source

9. The Gray Wolf is very well able to distinguish between an Armed and an Un-armed human being. – Source

10. “The Dire Wolf Project” is an organization trying to re-create the Dire Wolf. – Source

11-15 Wolf Facts

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11. Wolves with black pelts owe their distinctive colouration to a mutation which occurred in domestic dogs and was carried to wolves through wolf-dog hybridization. – Source

12. There was a species of wolf that only lived on the Falkland Islands; the warrah, which had colonized the islands during the Ice Age, went extinct in the 1870s. – Source

13. With an overall adult population estimated at 360-440 individuals, the Ethiopian wolf is one of the world’s rarest canids and Africa’s most endangered carnivore. – Source

14. Researchers have found differing levels of friendship between members of a wolf pack. Wolves will howl more when they are aware of the absence of a closer friend. – Source

15. Even a lone wolf can prove to be a lethal opponent for multiple dogs. Louis XIII of France once acquired an old wolf and set his best dogs on it three at a time. The wolf managed to kill twelve of them without sustaining any serious injury. – Source

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