From Hulk Hogan to John Cena and Roman Reigns, the World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE) hasn’t been short of stars. From its conception in the 1950s, the show has improved in popularity and resources to what we have today. Superstars – and fans alike – have come and gone, but the franchise has remained. Today, WWE matches are broadcast in over 150 countries, reaching millions of viewers worldwide. If you are one of them, the following hard-hitting WWE facts will make your day.

1. Famous WWE Superstar Kane is the Mayor of Knoxville County

Kane, officially known as Glenn Jacobs, is serving his second term as mayor of Knoxville County. The 7-foot big red machine was first elected in 2018 before he was re-elected for a second term in 2022. Kane had a very successful and exciting career in WWE – he is known for his fierce mask and close relationship with his “brother,” the Undertaker.

2. The Undertaker was Really on Fire During the 2010 WWE Elimination Chamber Match

The Undertaker caught fire in a WWE elimination chamber pay-per-view match held in 2010. As the fight continued, his jacket accidentally caught fire, subjecting the renowned wrestler to first- and- second-degree burns. Interestingly, the Undertaker didn’t break character; he continued with the match to the end. It was later ascertained that the pyrotechnician was at fault for the incident.

3. Bautista Hid Inhalers Under WWE Rings to Deal with His Asthma

In an interview, Dave Bautista admitted to hiding inhalers under WWE rings to deal with asthma. Since the revelation, fans worldwide have praised him for bravely engaging in a physically demanding sport despite being asthmatic.

4. WWE Wrestlers are Taught Some Mandarin for Marketing Purposes

In addition to the United States and Europe, WWE has a massive fanbase in China. As such, the organization requires the superstars to learn basic Mandarin for marketing purposes whenever they visit the East. Notably, John Cena, one of WWE’s biggest stars, hired a Mandarin tutor to help him learn the language in-depth.

5. The Rock’s Daughter is the Youngest WWE Signee in History

Simone Johnson, the daughter of Dwayne Johnson, Aka The Rock, was the youngest WWE signee in history. At only 18 years old, Simone is following in her father’s footsteps, who, in turn, has been very supportive of her ambitions. She uses the name Ava Raine for WWE matches.

6. WWE was Once Known as WWF

World Wrestling Entertainment has undergone several rebranding over the years. However, the most important one was the change from WWF to WWE. WWF stood for World Wrestling Federation and, according to Linda McMahon, who was then CEO, the World Wildlife Fund, to which the initials coincided, didn’t originally have a problem with it. However, later on, the WWF filed a lawsuit, which WWE lost, and it had to rebrand its name.

7. Several WWE Wrestlers Have Pledged Their Brains for Concussion Research

Because of the nature of the sport, concussions are prevalent in the WWE universe. To help improve how others manage and deal with concussions, several WWE stars have pledged their brains to research after they pass on. Popular examples include Mark Henry, Kevin Nash, Jeff Hardy, Mick Foley, and Chyna.

8. Mick Foley Lost His Ear in a WWE Match

Popularly known as Mankind, Mick Foley narrates how he lost his ear during a WWE match in his biography, Have a Nice Day. In a fight against Big Van Vader in Germany in 1994, the ring ropes squeezed the side of his neck and pressed against one of his ears, leading to the organ loss.

9. The Piledriver was Banned in the WWE

Piledriver is a wrestling move in which a wrestler grabs an opponent, turns them upside-down, and then drops to a kneeling or a sitting position. The tactic was banned by the WWE because it is risky and often resulted in injuries, with Stone Cold Steve Austin being one of the most notable victims. Interestingly, exceptional athletes like Undertaker and Kane can use the pile driver because they have the strength and experience to execute it safely.

10. Blading in WWE was Stopped in 2008

Blading was a big part of WWE as it made the matches look realistic. Wrestlers would carry tiny blades in their attires, so they would cut themselves before being fake-punched. In other cases, the referees discretely handed them the razors. Through its CEO Vince McMahon, WWE banned blading in 2008 to make the show PG-compliant.

11. WWE Hall of Famer, The Undertaker, Hates Cucumbers

Despite playing dangerous roles, such as a satanic biker/grave digger, taking cucumbers is where the Undertaker draws the line. At one point, his former manager, Paul Bearer, watched him throw up all over the waffle house because he saw a cucumber floating on his iced tea. When the Undertaker was young, he ate many cucumbers that upset his stomach. Since then, he dislikes them.

12. WWE Has Footage Dating Back to the 1950s

In its Legacy Department Library, the WWE has footage dating back to the 1950s. WWE has 48,658 tapes containing videos of special and regular events; the company’s previous versions are also available. The recordings are stored in a secure vault.

13. The McMahon Family Have Been the Heart of WWE

Jess McMahon informally started the WWE in the early 1920s. He organized wrestling tournaments within New York City before finding Capitol Wrestling Corporation. Vincent McMahon took over in 1954 and transformed it into the modern-day WWE. Over the years, fans have seen his kids, Stephanie and Shane McMahon, actively running various aspects of the franchise. All WWE management aspects remain a family affair to date.

14. WWE Never Takes a Break

Unlike most sports that take breaks for the players to rest, the WWE does not have an off-season; they plan events for the entire year.

15. Props Must Be Approved by WWE Management

No matter how creative some WWE superstars are, they can’t just walk in with props of their choice; the management must thoroughly vet every costume. In most cases, they are usually rejected.


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