We asked our regular contributors through e-mail You’re gifted 24 straight hours where you and your pet(s) are suddenly able to understand each other and have real conversations like you’re old BFFs just catching up on lost time. What would you want to tell them and how would you want to spend those hours with them? We got many interesting responses. Here are some of them. We have just copied and pasted their responses, not editing them in any way.

1. Write down every single quality of life improvements I can make for you. Let’s go find you your perfect food to eat, let’s make sure there aren’t any aches and pains you have that we can’t address. Tell me all of your favorite spots, what you like, what you don’t. Literally everything.

– Straightup32

2. I would tell them that I love them and that they’re good, and I would explain that I don’t cut their nails or vacuum the floor to hurt and scare them, it’s just stuff I need to do.

I would want to know what their lives looked like before they got to my family if they can remember it. I would talk to them about funny stories from when they were young, and hopefully, they’d have funny stories from when I was young. I would also like to hear what gossip they might know because people still talk when pets are around.

I would want to ask them if there are ways I’ve been caring for them wrong, how I can care for them better, and enrich their lives more. Are they hurting in any places that aren’t obvious? They’re getting old, so I just want them to be happy for as many years as they have left.

– SallyTwoSocks

3. Stop freaking out when I left the house. I will be back, like always.

– Rawinza555


Them likely to me: Then feed me more.

– kmmontandon

5. I had to put my cat down last Saturday. I wouldn’t need 24 hours, just 10 seconds to tell her thanks for hanging out with me and that I love her.

– GGnerd

6. I’d learn their language so I can talk to them even after the 24 hrs.

– Ezkillz_

7. Stop.





– acerrima

8. I would tell him that I love him, he’s my world, that I would never hit him, (still flinches if I move too fast), to stop biting his brother, and to be nice to other doggies. They are not a threat because you are my baby.

– flinty_day_off

9. Are you in pain? Do you want to keep going? I love you and I am happy to keep you as long as you are happy and want to stay.

– OKReady47

10. I’d take mine up to the mountains, hike, camp, and just get to know the real them. What makes them happy? Sad? Why do they pee on my husband’s pillow? I would tell them how much I truly love them and always will. How happy they make me. Why I don’t want them barking at the mail carrier and the very nice UPS guy.

– LadyKandyKorn

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Last Update: October 8, 2020