25 Interesting Facts About World War 2 – Part 3

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  1. Paddy says:

    Something wrong with number one. I believe the treaty was not signed before 1919? But WW2 defenately didn’t start on the said date

    1. jacob says:

      You’re right, the treaty wasn’t signed until June 28th 1919. But the start of World War 2 was when Hitler invaded Poland on September 1st 1939. So if they had used the correct date (June 28th 1919) then its true that it started 20 years and 65 days later. They just used the wrong date for the treaty being signed for some reason.

    2. jacob says:

      I’ve figured it out! Armistice was agreed on November 11 1918 so that is the date that they have gotten the treaty being signed mixed up with!

    3. Erik Brean says:

      The treaty was actually signed on June 28th 1919 and world war 2 started on September 1st when Germany invaded Poland.

  2. jacob says:

    I have been really disappointed lately with these “new” facts. I’ve read most everything on this site as i absolutely love it. But lately there have been an unbelievable amount of re-used facts.

  3. whskeyB4brkfst says:

    Simo Häyhä fought in the Winter War, 30 November 1939 until 13 March 1940, not World War II

    1. jacob says:

      As WWII was during that time it is commonly consider it part of world war two. Its looked at as more of a battle than an actual war

  4. Lewis Jones says:

    #20 is referred to as ‘danger close’ on the radio when requesting it. It still means that today for special ops teams, but for the regular army it means 500 meters.

  5. Lewis Jones says:

    and #25 is false, we had planed to drop these leaflets but never got around to it.

  6. abeny says:

    why is that every website i visted their are different facts

    1. Bill says:

      # 23 – What did the Brits do with any of their unused 3 sheets of toilet paper per day?

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