Just outside of Pittsburgh where Piney Fork connects to Peters Creek you will find an old railroad tunnel, abandoned and filled with road salt and covered with graffiti.  You will also find a terrifying story. A story featuring a terribly disfigured man dressed in green who would wander the area, illuminated by the lights of passing vehicles and frightening residents.

It sounds like the stuff of urban legends and horror movies, but it happens to be true.

Raymond Robinson was born in October 1910.   He grew up in Monaca Pennsylvania.  Monaca is located south of Beaver Falls Pennsylvania.   At the age of 9, Ray’s life was changed forever. Playing near the trolley tracks at Wallace Creek, Ray was challenged by his friends to climb the streetcar wire supports to fetch a birds nest. After he made it to the top, he had something terrible happen.   He made contact with the trolley wires and sent twenty-two thousand volts of electricity jetting through his body. Severely burned and critically injured, the doctors didn’t expect him to live. Raymond ended up living, but the damage to this body was staggering.

The damage that was left on Ray was horrific.  His body was covered in scar damage and his left arm was amputated under his elbow. Of all the damage, his face wore the worst of it.  Ray lost his eyes and nose.  His mouth was completely bloated and twisted.

The Green Man – Known as “Charlie No Face”

Later, he would move into a house with his mother.  He shared this house with plenty of relatives.   Boredom overcame him and he eventually started talking walks around his neighborhood.   People around the neighborhood became very afraid and scared of him.  Many neighbors began to ask him to stay away and stay inside because he scared the children.   Ray ignored this and still took his walks even late into the night.   Even though he was blind, he had a walking stick he used to help him get around at night.

“Charlie No Face” chats and takes pictures

He began being discovered after taking his nightly walks.  This is where the tale of the green man developed or Charlie no face he was called.  There are many different reports about where the “green skin” originated from.  Some people say he had pale green skin.  Others say he used to wear his favorite green plaid shirt and this caused the reflection on his skin.   Ray became well known at this time and many would venture out to Route 351 and look for Ray while he was walking.   Many that were not scared of him would stop and chat with him.   He would often give pictures in exchange for cigarettes or beer.

Charlie No Face – Raymond Robinson

Many that took the time to chat with them spoke very highly of his kindness.  They say he was a very nice man.  With the way he looked, not many people often took the time to get to know him.   Ray didn’t let the negative people stop him from enjoying his walks and interacting with people outside his family.   Charlie No Face became a legend in the 1960’s when he began to cause traffic jams because people were stopping hoping to get a glimpse of him.

Grave of Ray Robinson and his father

As Ray began to age, he started venturing out on his walks a little less.  In the 1980’s, he was moved in a Nursing Home. Ray passed away on June 11, 1985.  He was 74 years of age.   He was buried back in Beaver Falls at Grandview Cemetery.  The location is just a small distance of where he had is accident as a young child.

Last Update: June 27, 2024