Carnival Row is the just-announced new show from Amazon starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne about the world of Fae, or fairies, colliding with the world of mortal men. Because of the excitement for the new Carnival Row teaser trailer on Amazon Prime we’ve put together ten Fairy themed books that you might not have heard of.

1: The Dark Fae by Terry Spear

Alicia expected a nice quiet vacation with her best friend when evil Fae join the party. Can she save her friend, and protect herself? Find out in The Dark Fae.

2: Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

For centuries Fablehaven has been a safe place for all kinds of Fae creatures. But when Kendra and Seth move in with their grandpa can they stay safe?

3: Willa of the Wood by Robert Beatty

Willa is a night spirit, willing to do anything for the approval of her clan. But when her curiosity gets her hurt and stranded, can she survive and take on the day world?

4: Winter Fae by Melissa Turner Lee & Pauline Creeden

When a fairy princess falls in love with a human lord and gets sick, can she return to her home and get the help she needs for her and her son? Or will she have to face the bitter cold of winter?

5: The Faerie Guardian by Rachel Morgan

Violet is training to be a Faerie Guardian, a fairy that protects humankind from evil fae. She’s at the top of her class with 2 months left of school. One bad day sees Violet breaking the two most important rules of being a Guardian. With the broken laws and the danger she now faces, can she keep herself and the boy safe? Or will she have her heart broken and fail at the one thing she’s worked towards her entire life?

6: Bound by Faerie by W. B. McKay

According to Amazon: “Sophie loves retrieving magical, or more specifically dangerous magical, items. After a job goes south, Sophie struggles to keep her rouge magic in check. While searching for answers, she stumbles across a Fae night club owner, Owen, who just so happens to hold the answer to all of her problems. Can she make it back to normal, or will she get her and Owen killed? Find out in Bound By Faerie.”

7: Queen of Storms by C. N. Crawford

It’s hard enough being a supernatural fugitive, Fae witch, but when assassins capture my best friend, I’ll do anything to stop her execution. But plans go all wrong. We almost get killed by the monstrous headman, and I apparently have to train with a dragon blood Fae, guess what? It’s the monstrous headman himself… Can she survive, and save her friend?

8: Curse of the Fae Queen by Delia Castle

When eighteen-year-old Neara saves a villager, the evil queen sends soldiers to abduct her Neara’s father. She must travel to a dangerous land and break a curse. But, should she save the human world or her father?

9: The Nameless By Allison Rose

Kelty has to ignore the helpless humans in order to get home, but can she do that when Nora asks for help? Will the truth be discovered before it’s to late, or will dark magic destroy the human world?

10: Live Fae or Die Trying by Jenna Wolfhart

I work for as a private investigator for romantically-scorned supernaturals. But when a serial killer starts picking off London Fae, I’m now being whisked away into a court of wealth and magical. Can she survive? Or will she fail to save the world?